Added fix for CM11

I added fix which removes smartreflex and changes voltages. Download from:

How to flash baseband without flashing kdz?

Flash using this method: Use other files only: You need only to select fls file (in guide author select directory). You will get error, but baseband will be flashed. You need standard usb cable for L9.

Supporting my projects

Sorry for no activity on this website, but i don’t have much time. I use facebook, beacuse it’s easier for me. If you want to get quick response: I want to start board about LG L9.

Bugs report

Please report cm11 bugs here. Only bugs. Other comment will be deleted! PLEASE ATTACH LINK TO LOGCAT OR OTHER LOGS!!! Please use pastebin for logcats. What you have to add in ONE COMMENT: 1. Description of problem 2. Logcat or dmesg

New version of CM11

I added new build of cm11. Not much changes. I tried to fix some bt problems (need to test it), updated cm source, fixed ums, sdcard issues. Expected new verison in about week. Links at cm11 page.

Little fix

I added little fix for CM11, which repairs moving app to sd and app data app on sd.

CyanogenMod 11 4.4.2 for Optimus L9 Released!

Fixed many bugs, new kernel, new features. Changelog: Fixed screenshot preview Disabled internal sd New kernel (see kernel features) OC interface (apk) Black and white ui (not blue like Jelly Bean) Synced with cm repos (Android 4.4.2) Check it here:

I still support my projects!

My theards were closed, but i’m still doing cm 11. I give you options to use adfly or not. There are always direct links. I think i do not stupid projects. If you want to use my projects track my website.