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New game – Marshmallow Rush

Hello! Recently, I’ve come up with an idea to create a game based on Android Easter Egg. As Android 6.0 has been recently released, it was good time to create this app – Marshmallow Rush. As you know, original Easter Egg is not really playable at all, so i modified it to take more pleasure

My new game production Rotate is available

I’m proud to show you my new game production called Rotate. It’s very simple, logic game. You just need to click on tiles you seen before, but there is one doubt. You need to click on this tiles after rotating the board It isn’t as easy as it seems on first sight. We have three

New ExperiencedKernel version released!

Major change is support for N750 variant Changelog: Added support for N750 variant – but it was untested. I recommend to test it on UniKat rom. Tweaked filesystem mounts Optimized some functions Added less important tweaks Fix for reseting WiFi password Download

My last Android build for L9 – AOSP 5.0.1

Hello again! Today i would like to show you new AOSP 5.0.1 build, which fixed many bugs. This is probably my last Android build for L9. I would like to say again thank you to donators, testers, other devs and people who spent his time on writing with me. It was a great time. I

Stable AOSP 5.0 build – 30.11.2014

Recently I’ve fixed many bugs from Android 5.0. Now it is quite stable! Changelog: 30-11-2014 Fixed Camera (works in AOSP app too) Ported more RIL code Audio crack when making outgoing call is fixed Fixed audio problems while listening to music Replace old AOSP apps with CyanogenMod apps Button backlight now works Updated AOSP apps

Added new AOSP 5.0 build

New build is quite stable for now, but camera isn’t still working well Changelog: 19-11-2014 Fixed outgoing calls and APN Added own tweaks Added PowerHal – now you can enable power saving mode in battery settings Undervolted OC like in CM11 Updated to latest AOSP Code Fixed vibrations Download