TouchWiz Marshmallow for Note 3

Hello. I would like to show my own port of Android 6.0.1 with TouchWiz to our Galaxy Note 3. I made it quite stable and it’s incredibly fast.

  1. NFC


  1. First TouchWiz 6.0 port for any device!
  2. The fastest TouchWiz ROM for this device
  3. Very stable, only small bugs
  4. Included modified idleKernel by @jcadduono
  5. Very good battery life
  6. F2FS Support
  7. Most of libraries and drivers are not ported, they are build for 6.0.1 It means that we have newer drivers with better support.
  8. Clean stock rom. No additional apps, just feel like other users of stock Marshmallow

What you need:

  1. TWRP Recovery or other
  2. Patience


  1. Firstly wipe all data / make a factory reset from recovery
  2. I reccomend converting to F2FS using TWRP
  3. Flash zip. Make sure that zip signature verification is unchecked!
  4. First boot can even take up to 20 min! Be patient


Thanks for:
@jcadduono – for idleKernel
@darkera13 – for 5.1.1 port for Note 3


Donations: As this ROM is free I would really be happy if you support me with some money. Now I would like to buy new microSD card because my is broken. You have donate button on XDA, but if you want to donate through BitCoin, Wire Transfer or other please contact me.



  1. Integrated Crash fix
  2. Fixed Camera again


  1. Fixed partialy stock Camera
  2. Fixed other small bugs


  1. Fixed Camera in other apps
  2. Fixed headphones while in call
  3. Now it supports also ext4, no need to change to f2fs
  4. Added Air Command
  5. Fixed many other bugs i don’t even remember