New version of CM11

I added new build of cm11. Not much changes. I tried to fix some bt problems (need to test it), updated cm source, fixed ums, sdcard issues. Expected new verison in about week. Links at cm11 page.

  • clement

    do we need to wipe anything before update?

    • jes0411

      I always do wipe cache and dalvik and format system to update.

      • clement


  • jose

    Maaany thanks. Downloading…

  • Vins

    Can i use rom manager to install this rom?

    • Gaurav

      I think not.

  • Gaurav

    Hi Artas,

    Thank you for such a wonderful ROM.

    Do you have plans to update/develop on this ROM further ?
    If yes then can we know what will be fixed / new in next version ?