New CyanogenMod 11 build



  1. Remove Miracast – it wasn’t working
  2. Include latest GPS Fixer app (GPS is very fast now)
  3. Powersave and Balanced power profile is optimized
  4. Sync with CM sources

Download here!



  • RafliXXX

    Odblokowało mi emulacje sd czy to normalne

  • Alberto

    Hi artas. First of all, thank you for your excellent work, this rom is the best rom for our phone! Unfortunately, this update cause me a problem: my phone stay awake and won’t go to deep sleep. I’ve try to wipe both the cache and the dalvik cache with no change. Now I’ve reinstalled the 18/08 version and my phone works fine.

  • Vinsen

    I use Android Tweaker 2 to force deepsleep.
    It work purfectly and i install bravia engine 3 whit this tool.
    So maybe you can try whit this.

  • Luis

    Hi, in the previous version i had no cammera app (but the apk was in system/app) yet i was able to use the cammera from whatsapp, just no launcher icon.
    I installed google cammera and all was just fine, with this update i still dont have the native cammera app, but now google cam wont start

    Related logcat entries:
    E/CameraService( 160): CameraService::connect X (pid 19108) rejected (invalid cameraId 0).
    W/CameraBase(19108): An error occurred while connecting to camera: 0
    W/CAM_CameraActivity(19108): Camera open failure: HIST_ID0_-1_1_HEND

    • Luis

      FIXED in the new v5