New CyanogenMod 11 build (18.04.14)

After almost 2 months i built next stable CM.

Download: CyanogenMod 11 for LG Optimus L9 (4.4.2)

On bootup and/or when changing screen colors in my app screen goes blank. You need only to lock device and unlock it again.



  1. Removed trickster mod. Added my own app “Kernel settings”. Ability to disable 2nd core.
  2. Updated screen driver, ability to change colors between amoled mode and nature mode
  3. Many fixes to kernel, new cpu freq steps
  4. Less battery drain
  5. Fixes to ril (need to test)
  6. Some gps fixes
  7. Frandom enabled by default
  8. Removed wifi direct
  9. Some audio fixes
  10. More backports in kernel
  11. Added other tweaks
  12. Many other fixes. I can’t remember everything 🙂
  13. On bootup and/or when changing screen colors in my app screen goes blank. You need only to lock device and unlock it again.

Tips for longer battery life:

  1. Use greenify
  2. Reduce vibrator intensity (in settings)
  3. Disable 2nd core or enable multicore power saving (in Kernel Settings app)
  4. Set lower cpu freq (750 Mhz if dualcore 950-1200 Mhz if single core
  5. Use interactive governor (it’s tweaked for power saving)
  6. Set max gpu freq to 153.6 Mhz

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  • Johann

    Really really thank you 😀

  • Matikos3

    Trzeba usunąć wszystko? Nie ma żadnego sposobu, aby zachować aplikacje?

    • artas182x

      CM moze potem niestabilnie dzialac. Kopia NP Titanium Backup.

  • Evaldas

    Can’t seem to boot it. Can’t even get over LG logo. Redownloaded 3 times, flashed baseband – nothing works. Sometimes it boots into kernel panic, but no cyanogenmod logo.

    • Kuba

      Same here!

      • 91ale


      • yaroszek

        Here too. Basebrand updated successfully to v20o, but i stuck on LG logo or kernel panic (P760)

      • pedja1


      • koda

        I have the same issue 🙁

      • Evaldas

        Cmon, help us :S

    • Igor L.

      Have you tried flashing the fix artas posted after installing the rom? I had that problem, and flashing it fixes it.

  • vins

    It means that I have to flash V20O before flashing the new cm11 ?

  • dasyad00

    how to get the latest baseband?

  • LU

    Beafore i have artas rom, now i wanna update and I have the same problem:( my phone stucks on LG boot logo and after 2 mins automaticaly rebots, and goest to kernel panic :(.
    I hawe CWM how i can installl artas recovery??

  • Arvydas

    This is what I got after rom installation.

    • Arvydas

      How ever, I haven’t flashed baseband, because a lot of links are not working in that tutorial. Using P760…

  • MrB

    Po instalacji romu na czysto mam kernel panic, wgrałem ostatnią wersje twojego kernela i dopiero rom ruszył. Problem w tym że mam nieaktywne 70% z ustawień w twoim programie. Mogę zmienić częstotliwość przy wyłączonym ekranie i wyłączyć drugi rdzeń cpu.

  • yaroszek

    Basebrand wgrałem i chyba działa na PACMAN 3.99 pokazuje v20o, ale po wgraniu nowego CM11 telefon staje na logo LG;/

  • LU

    Maybe is posibility to get flashable recovery?

  • Alfian Febian

    This latest cosrom whether it can be used in the firmware v20b Ind. ..

  • Alfian Febian

    This latest cosrom whether it can be used in the firmware v20b Ind. ?

  • Enzo

    works in the LG-P768g??

  • Arturo

    I don’t have audio!! any sound! on p768g

    • Bruno

      I had the same problem after enabling the headphone boost feature. I just rebooted the phone and that solved it.

  • Jesus

    Good job with this new rom.
    Flashed baseband without problem and battery consumption is pretty good.

    • Jesus

      I did clean install after flash baseband and restore apps with titanium backup

  • Bruno

    Hello Artas,

    I installed this new build on my phone succesfully. It has the V20A baseband 🙂

    Thank you.

  • Arvydas

    Is there a way to make Google Now stay at the most left homescreen, or make phone react to OK Google while in homescreen like it was in previous versions ?

  • Arvydas

    I’ve found a bug. When you change screen color settings from nature to amoled, phone goes into deep sleep and you hear that the basic unlock sound repeats again and again. I couldn’t wake up my phone so I had to pull out the battery.

  • gabrielz

    I can’t find my picture on gallery. only from camera that show. in my music player too I can’t find my music file. anyone get this problem or just me?

  • Mr.Shargoth

    Mam problem z baterią. Niezależnie od tego czy są wgrane aplikacje, czy jest to czysty rom bateria trzyma tylko koło półtorej godziny na wyświetlaczu. na wcześniejszej wersji trzymało spokojnie dwie i pół.Jakieś pomysły jak to naprawić?

  • Kuba

    Hi Artas,
    I’m using your new build about 2 weeks and I noticed few quite annoying issues:
    1) In my case, GPS connection still doesn’t work;
    2) This CM build seems to be less stable than previous one. I had few situations in which my phone became totally frozen and the only way to solve it was to reboot the phone;
    3) Sometimes, when somebody’s calling to me, the screen is completely dark and only after few seconds it become bright so I can answer the call.
    PS. You’re doing a great job with these CM roms.

  • YChandra

    I have this ROM working very awesomely, but its much more power hungry than the previous one, and less stable as well, i like the color mode options, still dont understand what it does lol. Overall, i like this rom, but i hope it will be more power friendly in the future

  • YChandra

    Ah, and i forgot to mention that the camera is not working, i am using P765

    Any suggested alternatives?

  • Alfian Febian

    god job s..thanks artaz 😀

  • Marek

    1. Why battery is charged to 93-97% by AC adaptor (sometimes to 100%) ? USB always charge to 100%
    2. HCE feature works in this version ? Can I emulate cards ?

  • ahmad

    how to install recovery ( cwm ) on g pro lite dual?

    this phone is mediatak device.

    please help me. … x:

  • BeeTrain

    Jak zmienić ten tryb z Nature na AMOLED? How to change Nature mode to AMOLED mode?