New CyanogenMod 11 (4.4.4) build – with F2FS support by default


  1. Completly rebased everything
  2. Compiled with SaberMod 4.8 toolchain with JustArchi opt flags
  3. 1080p recording working
  4. Longer battery life
  5. Added my own apps (L9Tweaker, GPS Fixer, L9 BacklightMod, L9 UMS Switcher)
  6. Fixed wifi direct, 5Ghz support and Miracast (untested)
  7. Sound boost other way
  8. Added battery saving option in kernel and app in Performance settings
  9. OTA updater support
  10. New drivers for SGX, camera, gps and wifi
  11. Updated to android 4.4.4 – lastest cm code
  12. Support for f2fs, exfat and ntfs filesystem
  13. New tweaks for better performance
  14. More stable code
  15. Fixex for Bluetooth
  16. Undervolt by smartreflex module (now our uv isn’t recalibrated, because we are changing voltage after calibration)

  • Dani Cardona

    Are you going to keep this ROM updated?

    • artas182x


      • Dani Cardona

        The bad point is that in order to install this ROM which seems to be very nice you have to change the recovery…

        • KAIJER

          Use flashify, easier recovery flashing. This TWRP supports touch you will love it.

  • kotek

    Artasie tak jak pisałem dziękuję bardzo w imieniu wszystkich za ten ROM – bateria teraz wytrzymała przy moim użytkowaniu 1 dzien i 17 godzin co w porówananiu z ostatnim softem jest mega rewelacyjnie. Co do minusów jakie narazie zobaczyłem to jak wcześniej pisałem GPS łapie wolniej fixa, przed wykonaniem połączenia jest trzask w głośniku i podczas nagrywaniu przy 1080 aplikacja się zatrzymuje i się zamyka. Przy 720p problemu nie ma. W obu przypadkach podczas kręcenia filmu widać jak aparat cały czas ustawia ostrość.

  • alvi

    I have revert a rom back to another rom, like stock and mokee or else, but it cant detect any of media in sd card, i have wipe with your TWRP, un check the F2FS format, wipe everything, change the recovery, and the problem still there, it cant be reconize the SD card, if i use UMS with stock rom, the internal and external is empty, what should i do? I just want to back to a stock rom

  • parth vyas

    can you tell me which recovery file need to be selected …coz there are two links (above)
    and I open Wikipedia link for g apps and there’s also two link for g apps….one for small and one for large file…which g apps should I download. ..???
    and can you tell me how to flash TWRP recovery….
    I have also ask this question previously….and I got reply from Ezequiel. but still I m confused. …..
    and is this Rom is stable for P765 Coz I m p765 user. .
    and is there any lag. .I mean freezing or any think. ..
    and is there any patch for P765 …..I mean in above descriptions there camera patch for p768 ….?? should I flash that. …??
    I know above questions r silly but I m New so I ask..,
    please reply as soon as possible. …

  • Rafal

    Telefon cały czas pokazuje mi że dostępna jest aktualizacja OTA. Instalowałem ją już chyba 4 razy i dalej wyświetla się to samo. A i jeszcze jedno czasami ekran zmienia kolory albo pojawiają sie paski i ekran jest czarno biały.

    • artas182x

      Jest to raczej bug twórców programu

      • Rafal

        Jakiego programu?
        Jeśli chodzi o kolory to pojawiają się nawet w recovery.

  • alex

    I have some problems. sound doesnt work with the speaker.
    it only works with headphones, but even so it sounds too low.
    Also there’s always a new update in the OTA updater, but after updating it for several times, i have the same ROM version tan before and the same update in the OTA updater
    thanks and sorry for my english

  • dimmex

    have started noticing something. my phone doesnt wake up from deep sleep..only way is to restart 🙁

  • Luis

    Same deep sleep issue here, at least when is charging, also have an issue where clock does not get update on all instances it show (notification bar, lock screen, widget) some times one or two of them have the time when the device was locked

    • KAIJER

      Same problem.. And my device is skipping tracks after one minute of playing with every music player (tried 4 )


    Sometimes device is freezing during closing or opening an app

    Clocks like one on the system bar and widget clock are not updating after locking the screen. But in app clocks are running on time.

    Music tracks are skipping after 1:00-1:30 minutes of playback after locking the screen. Running fine with the screen turned on.

    Deepsleep isn’t disturbing me much but sometimes its happening. If I turn on the AMOLED mode in l9tweaker and lock the screen after 10 minutes I’m getting Dipslip. sometimes with the power saving mode enabled.Now my Power saving mode disabled and nature mode is on , No dipslip since two days 🙂

    Hope it will help you.. Ask me if you need more info about anything.

    Thanks for your hard work .. 🙂

  • Parta

    The same issue with the other, deep sleep, sometimes device is freezing during closing or opening an app, freezing while charging, OTA didn’t working. But thanks for your great work and for this moment back to previous ROM.

  • Ezequiel

    Over 6 days trying the room, i can say:
    All work, Wifi, 3G, GPS, Camera(p768), touch, games, bluetooth, etc.
    Deadsleep: I think, the cause is L9Tweaker, 4 Days without L9Tweaker and no deadsleep.
    Freezes: No real Freezes, the ROM is perfectly optimized.
    Freezes that people say: When an app freezes a few seconds, says:
    ” * is not responding”
    | FORCE CLOSE | – | WAIT |
    Charging: Charging Battery in USB is very slow for me.
    Only for 1 day, not sure why.
    Artas182 love you, fix it please 😀

  • Parta

    Update info:
    Solution for deadsleep. Install Root Uninstaller, and then open it, in system apps Freeze L9 Tweaker, restart, done. Tested by me, no deadsleep until right now. Good Luck.

    • Ezequiel

      I only forced to stop app.
      Problem resolved. Now find solution for freezes

      • dimmex

        yup once l9 tweaker is disabled more deep sleeps!! phone freezes often ..thats the only issue..OTA is not working..Hope there is an update around the corner thanks artas!!

  • micval


    yours is the only KitKat based ROM with working GPS (most of the time anyway) on my L9. However I get frequent freezes of the system. Actually it’s everyday in the morning the phone is dead. I have to longpress the power button and then power it on again. Also the battery is almost drained (20% from 80% in the evening) after that. Disabling L9 Tweaker does not help, though…

    Other than that, perfect ROM, thanks!


  • gattosalavtico

    Hi, thanks for your job. I have installed twrp recovery and i have done a back up of old rom (DRAGUROM, stock based) for security. then i have installed your cm 11. After 3 days with bugs (drain battery, gps dead, casually power off, ) I decide to return old rom: Wipe all, I flash back up of old rom and BRICK l9 (Logo LG). After 6 hours with lg tools unbrick telephone with stock rom. Only feedback for you. Bye.

  • vitek

    Hi,GPS work not correct. GPS Fixer not work correct and GPS search 0 sat. Please help my. My location Country Czech republic.