New CyanogenMod 11 (4.4.4) build – with F2FS support by default


  1. Completly rebased everything
  2. Compiled with SaberMod 4.8 toolchain with JustArchi opt flags
  3. 1080p recording working
  4. Longer battery life
  5. Added my own apps (L9Tweaker, GPS Fixer, L9 BacklightMod, L9 UMS Switcher)
  6. Fixed wifi direct, 5Ghz support and Miracast (untested)
  7. Sound boost other way
  8. Added battery saving option in kernel and app in Performance settings
  9. OTA updater support
  10. New drivers for SGX, camera, gps and wifi
  11. Updated to android 4.4.4 – lastest cm code
  12. Support for f2fs, exfat and ntfs filesystem
  13. New tweaks for better performance
  14. More stable code
  15. Fixex for Bluetooth
  16. Undervolt by smartreflex module (now our uv isn’t recalibrated, because we are changing voltage after calibration)