New CM11 for P760 is here!

New CyanogenMod 11 for LG Optimus L9 was released. Many new tweaks, and fixed bugs 🙂

  1. New kernel (more stable)
  2. GPU OC reduced to 384 Mhz and CPU OC to 1350 Mhz
  3. Asynchronous fsync from HTC One and many other tweaks in kernel
  4. Added wifi display for tests (propably not working)
  5. Ril files from lastest stock rom (fixed issues with 3g signal)
  6. Ramhack reduced to 840 Mb for stability
  7. New governors (i reccomend dyninteractive)
  8. Sync with CM source tree + own patches
  9. More stability, better battery life, less lags
  10. Added frandom – more performance – how to enable(script or terminal):

Download it from here: CyanogenMod 11 for LG Optimus L9 (4.4.2)

  • Arvydas

    Do I have to fully wipe all data, if i’m in your older kitkat ? Thanks.

    • artas182x

      No only cache and dalvik

      • Ben

        Hello artas,
        Can i used it with Android 4.1.2 too?
        And what do you mean with “No only cache and dalvik”?
        Thank you for answere 🙂

        • artas182x

          If you are moving from older CM11 wipe only cache and dalvik cache.

  • 홍승진

    very smooth ! and no bugs !!
    i love your cm11

    • Milestone2

      Is GPS work for you?

      • Rico

        For me, GPS works without problem.

  • Juan

    No more black and white ui.


    • artas182x

      It has black and white ui.

      • Juan

        😀 thats right!

  • Darwin De La Rosa

    I have problem.
    With “frandom”

    Without writing “SU”

    With “SU”

    • artas182x

      save it as script and exexute

      • YashDSaraf

        Does the script have to run on boot and is there a way to check if it worked??
        Thnxx man awesome rom

        • Darwin De La Rosa

          No how, I’m still stupid, rookie

          Anyone tutoriao or create a file?

  • Deepak

    hey thanks artas,internal_sd still not working can u please work on it,the rom is smooth with small bugs..cheers

  • victoryhunter

    Thanks Artas so much , I waited so long for the new cm11 I’ve tested some other versions but does not compare to your version. I hope not to abandon the project. Thanks again !

  • Bruno

    Hi Artas!

    I just installed this update and it works very well. I don’t have the camera problem anymore. Thank you so much! 😀

    • Arvydas

      For me camera app doesn’t work at all. When I turn it on, all I see is black screen. I came from your older Kitkat 4.4.2 realease, P760.

      • Arvydas

        I’ve just pulled the battery out, restarted the phone and now camera works…

  • vins


    stable and smooth
    much much better than the stock rom

  • Dennis Morello

    It is very smooth but I have noticed a significant battery drain. Am I the only one with this problem?

    • Bruno

      No, I noticed it too .

    • Juan

      yes me too

      • vanja

        For me, there is battery drain caused by screen (I think that it is screen).
        Brightness is on ~30%, and screen is using 45-50% of battery…

        Other than that, ROM is excellent…

  • Matikos3

    Świetna aktualizacja. Nie mam już błędów z bluetoothem.

    Jedyną rzeczą, która mnie denerwuje są przyciski menu na ekranie (te trzy kropki), według mnie nie powinno ich tam być, bo jest przecież jeden wbudowany koło HOME.

  • WMK73

    Unfortunately the wifi display does not work. The phone does not detect my Maesy A2W Miracast.

  • radols

    nie działa link adfly :-\

    • Matikos3

      Musisz zaznaczyć i skopiować link inaczej nie działa.

    • tracer

      Yes, battery drain is high.
      Lcd brightones 100% and wifi. Max 2h on enable lcd.
      1 gh/smartass v2/gpu and iva default.

  • sandokan

    I have a boot loop, after the LG logo it restarts 2 or 3 times and then returns back to CWM. I’ve cleaned data, cache, dalvik cache, formatted system… no luck.

    Your previous version boots OK for me. Any idea?

  • PreemPalver

    GPS does not work for me as usually. Damn!

  • Israel

    really tankyou artas!!!!! we are really happy god bless you

  • Anton

    After manually deleting nfc.apk from system/app and rebooting phone, system settings doesn’t open anymore really annoying since nfc drains battery hard.

    • Phil

      Nfc can be turned off if you deletes these respective files..not just the apk..otherwise you will have settings fc.


      This has already been replied by artit in xda forum..I’m just copying his post. Use root explorer or Es file explorer(after enabling root features) to delete the above files. Good luck!

  • Steve Chris

    Awesome ROM, very smooth and fast, but I came across few bugs.. (Not sure if am the only one)
    1. When using Trickster mod and setting “Dyninteractive” as default governor, after restart whenever you call or get a call from someone you can’t hangup the phone, no matter how many times you press the hangup button it just doesn’t hangup, surprisingly I changed the governor back to stock “Ondemand” and call hangup works perfect.
    2. The CallUI when receiving a call is way off centre and gets partially cutoff when receiving a call.

    Can someone confirm this, fyi am using the latest build and i updated over the old build.

    • Andrei Banica

      I am using Dyninteractive governor and i can reject and hang-up calls. I have never switched to another governor, i’m using the “default” one.

      The answer/reject interface when receiving a call is indeed placed in the lower part of the screen.

      All in all this is an awesome rom. Thank you Artas182x.

  • Dawid

    Can anyone tell me, what is IVA?

  • Owadel

    Great rom. Thank you for your work.

  • Ideelibre

    the call does not end with the headset button.
    sometimes the phone reboots itself.

  • Vinsen

    Yep got battery drain .
    Previos kernel was excellent battery save.
    But now is smoot. Gues performance cost for battery. Now battery drain is almost like the original android 4.1.2.
    Hope he will fix in the next update.
    Im goona ask artas is there a way to inplate button to lockdcreen for the flashlight.
    I remember in android 4.3 earli version when u set home button for 3 sec can use flashlight. It was really good idea.

    • artas182x

      CPU is Overclocked to 1,2 Ghz. Governors and OC are reasons for battery drain, but you can change it.

      • VInsen

        Nop man.
        The drain is again a loot. In the previos build my procesor was overclock to 12000ghz and the battery was like unbeliveble.
        I thinking to get back to the preview build.
        Here the drain is unstopeble.
        In preview build i charge my phone a two or maybe 3 days.
        Now every day.
        Something is draining my battery extremly fast and i dont know what it is.

  • Vinsen

    Artas i make a clen install.
    Format everything even my sd card.
    I dont know why but the battery drain is not like the your preview build.
    I was play whit trickster to try to improve the battery live but nothing work.
    If you want you cant try your preview version and you gonna se.
    Your new updete of the kernel is great improvement.
    Got really smoot and performance increase.
    If you can fix the battery you gonna be the best.
    I got two questios for you.
    Can you planted in if is possible a color saturation like on samsung amoled display.
    Always wanna see little color improvement. Im using Bravia Engine v3 seem`s to work great whit IPS display.
    Thats all.
    Thank you you are great dev and you replace purfectly mateo.
    W8ting for your new and updates.
    Good luck and thanks.

  • VInsen

    Ok i discover what is draining the battery.
    Last night i make i fresh install again and i ztart do things i was doing in preview version. Play vidtua tennis, browsing whit google chrome and talk whit friends.
    My brightness control is always betwen 30-40%.
    And i notise the draining is the display. Normaly in last build my display drai was around 23-27% in the same brightnes control now is 36-39% almost 50% more.
    The rest drain is normal i mean deep sleep.
    So thats all hope i help.

    • artas182x

      Thanks. I know what’s wrong. Next release will be stock kernel based. Screen Fix will be also included.

      • charlie chan

        Artas182 can u made in a patch zip? To give people choose to use stock kernel or ur own made kernel!!

  • Darwin De La Rosa

    Can you planted in if is possible a color saturation like on samsung amoled display.


  • Edmundas

    Someone have that glitch too?



    • Ideelibre

      Yes! the same

  • Darwin De La Rosa

    I still do not know, how to activate frandom ;(

  • Andrei Banica

    I’ve been using this rom since it was first released. I did a clean install and i was very happy with the way the rom performed. Recently the muted calls problem started to manifest, and it became worst by the time. The issue does not manifest for incoming calls, only outgoing call suffer from this.
    I’m using dalvik, not ART, but i will switch to ART to see if the problem persist.

    • Andrei Banica

      After i switched to art, first 2 calls were ok, but 3rd and 4th were muted.

  • IvanLouis87

    Hi! I read that, in order to put this rom on the L9, I need to flash your own recovery…but then, with your recovery, can I have a backup of my actual ROM and then pass back to it if needed? sorry if the question can seem stupid, I’m not so expert…this is my only fear before trying your rom!
    Thanks in advance!

    • Darwin De La Rosa


      Save backup to external SD.

      If the recovery does not work in popup to return to the old rom, flash recovery-tools (oogle play. Icon green, green flacha)

      Run and install recovery tocuh

  • Alexander

    UMS are not working.

    • Vinsen

      Yes not working UMS.

      • artas182x

        There is problem with windows, but on ubuntu it works. USB Debugging must be disabled.

  • Darwin De La Rosa

    If anyone needs the fix 8mpx camera, delete NFC

    • Ideelibre

      with your fix the camera don’t work!

  • Arturo

    Hello this is my first response on this thread, I always use this rom, it’s very smooth and don’t have many bugs like the others,I hope don’t leave this project even if a new android version it’s out. I have a p768g and have some little problems: Wi-Fi doesn’t work very well for me and settings restore to default when I restart my device, and if I use overclock cause have kernel panic, on previous build work perfect for me, and some apps also doesn’t work very well. Battery drain it’s normal for me. I hope on next build all this tings are fixed. At least for me, this rom it’s the best for this device!

  • Alfian Febrian

    thanks in advance .. my lg optimus l9 grub along with Indonesia would like to find a solution here .. browsur can not post photos when coment on face book .. there is a solution to this??

  • Alfian Febrian

    thanks in advance .. my lg optimus l9 grub along with Indonesia would like to find a solution here .. browsur can not post photos when coment on face book .. there is a solution to this?

  • Marlyn

    Hello artas,
    Firstly thanks for the project its always great to see people’s like you,

    I have a problem with the Sim card, phone randomly poping message says Sim card removed, added etc. Wasn’t happening before at the older version of yours I’m not sure if it’s a hardware thing or not

    Any idea on such a thing?

  • Matikos3

    Znalazłem dwa błędy:
    – WIFI włącza się dopiero za drugim razem (muszę włączyć, potem wyłączyć i włączyć jeszcze raz)
    – GPS nie działa 🙁

  • Dinesh

    Hi. i am trying to install this ROM using CWM 6.0.3 but it’s giving error. I can not find a link to download your recovery.
    Given Link : is not working.
    Please help.

  • Dinesh

    My phone is LG Optimus L9 P765.

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