New CM 11 build – 12.08.2014


  1. Lower ramhack – no more camera problems
  2. Try to fix dead sleeps. Beta testers reported to be good now
  3. Sync with the latest cm code
  4. Introduce CM performance profiles instead l9tweaker
  5. Sound boost now optional – use trickster mod
  6. Better battery life (4h 30 min screen turned on)

Download: CyanogenMod 11 for LG Optimus L9 – F2FS (4.4.4)

  • ViteK

    Hi, it would be possible to correct malfunctions GPS? Does not load any GPS satellite. GPS Fix this problem has gone. Otherwise, many thanks for a great ROM is the best.

  • ViteK

    via OTA update does not update, always give ver.1 offers a further update on ver.2. What to do?

    • artas182x

      If there is ota to version 2 update it. If not do it manually.

  • ViteK

    OK, manual possible. Only in TWRP setup steps are the same? or just delete Casch or Data? thanks

    4. Check “Force data and cache wipe functions to use f2fs” and “Include system partition”
    5. Go to main menu and click wipe. Check data and cache and confirm

    • artas182x

      Yes dalvik cache and cache is needed

  • Eze

    24hs testing build..
    I can say that this on point, even more than the last, even clearing init.d and forces stop L9Tweaker.
    110 Apps installed without problems. All work for me
    Just Google Camera dont work with recording with front camera, we know that, but we need to unninstall/install to work again. p768g, a tip for dont touch record video with front camera (:
    I didn’t try the Energy Saving Profile yet
    Few people finish their projects, or just leave on the road, but you’re persistent, listens to users, and you put good vibes to this!.
    although you make a new version/build, I think I will keep this until a L dream.
    Maybe you can buy an more advanced phone like me, but I love L9.
    Thanks to you I can keep this phone until 2016.
    I think it is important that users thank.
    I congratulate you!, million thanks, you’re big!

  • micval


    I installed this new build yesterday and so far I have found two burning issues.

    1. The GPS doesn’t work at all (unfortunately I cannot use mobile data, only WiFi, so cannot test GPS fixer), while in previous build it sometimes did.

    2. Cannot connect with my bluetooth handsfree set anymore. Also, in previous build I had no problem with this…

    Other than that, everything works fine.

  • ViteK

    Hi, where the switch GPU OC? What kind of frequency is now working GPU? thanks

  • carmine

    For me dead sleep again

    • vitek

      3 day test all OK no dead sleep.

  • Milestone2

    Stay with us!
    Hope you do not stop.
    Bye: JJ

  • Przemek

    Świetny ROM! Jednak w drugiej wersji przestał działać bluetooth w pierwszej bez problemu łączył się ze słuchawkami. Mam nadzieje, że uda Ci się to poprawić w kolejnych wersjach.

  • Edin

    Hi, great rom, just few issues:

    – Front camera video not working.
    – From time to time it goes to sleep and can’t be woken up. Dead sleep I suppose.

    Rest is fine.

    Again, thanks for great work man.

  • Christian

    Hi, really a great ROM and no dead sleeps anymore.

    As in a previous post I have a problem with Bluetooth. Connection to other smartphones and handsfree phone set.

    The Bluetooth switches on and off and a connection can no be esthablished. In the last build where I had the dead sleep problem there was no problem with bluetooth.

  • vitek

    Hi Artas, please ,why dont work control DSP manager equalizer in any internet FM radio.Output at 3.5 jack headphone dont work control equalizer sound no change.

    • Eze

      I think it is normal, If you listen music in apollo player, ecualizer works fine .
      So ecualizer dont work with Browser or other apps. Ecualizer comes from stock Cyanogenmod

      • ViteK

        OK, thanks, problem is resolved. App EQ Equalizer work.

  • DaUser

    Energy Saving Profile not persistant!

    Hi artas, first of all thank you very much for your work. Just one question to the lastest Version: I used your L9 Tweaker with Energy Saving Profile. After Update L9 Tweaker stops all the time. I deleted the Setting/Config/Database for L9 Tweaker an after a reboot now it doesn’t start anymore automatically. O.k., thats all right so far. But when I set your newly implemented CM ernery saving profile it does not survice a reboot. After a reboot always the standard profile is set. I tried different thing (deactivated automated profiles, etc.) but always after a reboot, the energy saving profile is not selected.

    What do I have to do, to set/activate the energy saving profile after a reboot ?

  • Dado

    my gps don’t work!! i execute your istruction but gps don’t work.

  • manz

    Hi Artas, I have problem with this version. It takes a long time to unlock my phone until the display is on. It happens frequently.