My new game production Rotate is available

I’m proud to show you my new game production called Rotate. It’s very simple, logic game.

You just need to click on tiles you seen before, but there is one doubt. You need to click on this tiles after rotating the board It isn’t as easy as it seems on first sight.

We have three game modes:

-Time trial – score the most points as you can in 180 seconds.
-Zen – unlimited time, but you can miss only 15 times.
-Time rush – the hardest mode, you score valuable extra seconds instead points.

We have added support for achievements and leaderboards, so you can compete with other players.

In this game there is a little micropayment which disables all ads and enables Time Rush mode

Please Give 5 stars if you like my game and write a good review on Google Play.

Here is link to my game: