My new game production is coming | What i will have done in next months?

Many people have probably seen that I have stopped Android developing. That is because i started work on my new game for Android platform. Of course, I plan to start developing when I release game to public.

My new release is for people who like logic games. This game can improve your remembering and geometric skills. I can’t tell too much, because of known reasons.

I plan to add micropayments to my game. For my website readers there will be some extra things in game, so stay in touch and read my latest posts. I have a screenshot from my game, if someone is interested.

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Now something about my projects to Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo. I want to release CyanogenMod 12 or AOSP 5.0 to this device in next month, after finishing a game. If nothing go wrong or i don’t change my mind, it should be available to users before June.

Now I have one request for people who promotes app on Google Play. If someone is interested in promoting my future app, please write to Of course nothing for free. I’m interested in beneficial ways of promoting.

I think you will also help me in promoting by app by rating my app, when I release it :).