Little fix

I added little fix for CM11, which repairs moving app to sd and app data app on sd.

  • str3tch72

    Hello, can You make kernel with swap for Galaxy Ace 2 for CM11? It’s very important for our device.

  • jes0411

    Move apps to sd works with fix.

  • Charlie Chan

    thx for your fix, useful for me

  • potato

    download link?

    • artas182x

      Included in CM11 page.

      • potato


  • Neko

    This fix works, but after applying it, when I restart phone, icons for apk’s that are moved on sd are removed.
    (apk do work)
    Also, if I had folder with few of those, they are all removed and there is only empty folder on desktop left.

    P.S. I can not post on XDA in your thread, because I do not have 10 posts on XDA,

  • ado

    great work!

    but there are still some bugs like:
    -no 1080p recording AND playback!
    -can’t play long videos
    -can’t play GIFs
    -battery drain
    -reboots when few apps are open simultaneously

    if i find more bugs, i’ll write them here

    • Mugetsu

      I had full window of opened programs – no problems.

  • Juan

    Artas please add abyssplug governor in next update 🙂

  • Mugetsu

    This didnt help with GTA:SA game. Still can’t move the app (insufficient storage) error.

  • Danek

    I just use it with Link2sd for pretty long time, with class 10 32GB SD card without any problems at all. Real Racing, GTA – Vice City; San Andreas, Asphalt 8 installed and i have 1.22 GB free in internal memory still.. 🙂