My last Android build for L9 – AOSP 5.0.1

Hello again! Today i would like to show you new AOSP 5.0.1 build, which fixed many bugs. This is probably my last Android build for L9. I would like to say again thank you to donators, testers, other devs and people who spent his time on writing with me. It was a great time. I was really happy when i saw you are happy beacuse of new build. It was great experience for me. When i got my L9 first i didn’t know much about Android. Then first CM9 build, ExperiencedKernel and ExperiencedStock series. I was also developing CM11 for almost one year. My aim was to build stable Lollipop and it happened. Now i’m selling L9 tommorow and maybe i will try to build something without L9, but it will be really hard. Now i would like to buy Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo and maybe i will develop a rom for it. I’m still supporting my roms – if you have a problem write on facebook, here or an e-mail. AOSP code is open source – everything you need to build is on my github. Thank you again for this 2 years!

Now informations about last AOSP 5.0.1 build.

This build uses F2FS, so you have to change filesystem to this – all data will be wiped.



  1. Fixed battery drian by Phone service
  2. Finally fixed ril code
  3. Changed filesystem to F2FS (need to do full wipe)
  4. Included Superuser in Settings
  5. Added Advanced reboot menu (enable in developer settings)
  6. Added my apps from CM11 (GPS Fixer, L9 UMS Switcher, L9 BacklightMod)
  7. Updated Android to 5.0.1
  8. Disabled not working things (eg. Miracast)
  9. Reverted SMS/MMS app to old version (use Google Messager to have material design)


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  • Alperen Bozkurt

    Thanks for the effort

  • luismanson

    Sad to see you leaving, but its good for you! 🙂
    BTW i have a weird problem, my wifi mac is randomizing on every restart!!!!! (all starting as 00.90.4c)

  • Mihai

    Thank you for all. But can you at least create a theard on XDA about how you make ROMs for LG Optimus L9? It could be a very helpfull boost for someone like me who want to learn to make ROMs. I want to support the LG Optimus L9 and create ROMs for it. But I’m getting confused on others tutorials… So can you please consider doing that? Thanks for all again!

  • kaushik devarajan

    hey ….. artas …. we don’t even know ur face … but we all like u …
    what u have done for our mobile phone is incredible ….
    i would like u wish u all the best for ur future …… congo for ur new phone 🙂
    and could u please start a thread somewhere how to develop roms and other stuffs … 🙂 it will be useful for some ppl …:-) thank u 🙂

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  • Arun

    The gesture typing aint working bro…as well as in the latest build..the headphone keysarent able to control the music…i have to pick out the phone frm pocket everytime i need to change a song

  • Sergio Pinto

    Bad, I can not move applications :(, but thanks for sharing

  • Arvydas Tomkus

    I found that mobile data and wifi stops working every once in a while, so as a heavy internet user, I have to reboot my phone up to 3 times in a day. Wiping cache in recovery doesn’t help.

    • Arvydas Tomkus

      Also I tried several different pc’s ant wires, but computer doesn’t recognise the device.

  • Sergey

    Thanks for this 2 years!

  • Adrian Pasciak

    Witam. Jest jakis sposob zeby zadzialala sluchawka bt? Wgrywalem rom juz kilka razy i nadal slychac tylko trzask. Pozdrawiam

  • fcgf

    thanks for these two years, but I beg do not leave us without a stable version of android 5.0 lollipop, the sound does not work sometimes and not going very smoothly addition to unexpected reboots and other problems

  • Tomek

    I jak, kupiles tego szajsunga?

    • artas182x

      Tak 😉

  • Grumpy Old Man

    Hey Artas thanks for your roms.

    Since I still have this Phone, I would like to continue cooking a rom for it, but I don’t really know where to start. Could you share with me the guides you used to create this rom?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Francesco Pace

    It’s work, but after i installed a few apps i’ve empty memory message. In the stock rom 4.1 i used a script to swap memories. How i can resolve this problem with lollipop? Thanks!