CyanogenMod 11 Update – 26.10.2014

Changelog: 26-10-2014

  1. Better multicore handling (Intelliplug, Intellidemand governor)
  2. Better performance and battery life
  3. Removed performance profiles (now Intellidemand detects if you need more performance or battery life). Overclocking can be handled by ex. Trickster mod
  4. Next try to fix Miracast (please try to use it in display settings)
  5. Better memory and multitasking tweaks
  6. Fixed OTA Updater (this ROM must be updated manually)
  7. Optimized screen timings

NOTE 1: Please test Miracast in display settings and report to me

NOTE 2: You can update to this version only manually. OTA Updater can download rom, but it crashes when you want to install, but you can flash manually from /sdcard/OTA-Updater/download/ROM


  • Mehmet

    Like old days :’)

  • evg

    Miracast what is it?

  • Abunajmi Qurota

    I have use miracast but not sucessful , when i connect to the tv and when it’s initialize the connection it’s broak up