CyanogenMod 11 for LG P760/P765 released!

CyanogenMod 11 for LG P760/P765 released! Quite stable for use. Check it here!

  • Victor

    Dear Artas!

    My friend find another bug:

    His first call in progress.
    Comes another call.
    Call waiting.
    He speak continously on the first call.
    Second call rings in the background.
    The main call is terminated at the end of the second ring.

    First call will automatically terminate if he manually reject the waiting second call.


    What does it mean to your aprillia13 closed the forum on XDA?
    Rule 13: Pay-Per-Click Links Referral

    Now you do not have to put up updates?

    Opening a new forum?

    Or will henceforth artasnotebook site?

    Thanks, bye: JJ

  • sebx

    Hello , there is error/bug when music is played via any player and you try lock or unlock phone – strange noise is played for 2-3 s .

    • artas182x

      I know. I did fix for it.

  • JulianJenner

    On ART (VM) randomized displays warning:

    [b]Voice Search To Google Play has stopped[/]

    Not life threatening error, but it’s quite confusing …

    • sebx

      Yes sometimes not very often .

  • michael

    Hi artas, your first 4.4 works flawlessy. When will be out new one with bugfix? In which day? Thank you for this project. Well done!