CyanogenMod 11 for LG Optimus L9 – F2FS (4.4.4)

Hi. I built CyanogenMod 11 for LG P760/P765. It is stable for use, but there are some small bugs.

What’s working: Almost all!

What’s not working/has bugs:

  1. Tell me!

Kernel and rom features:

  1. Compiled with SaberMod 4.8 toolchain with JustArchi opt flags
  2. Ramhack 818Mb
  3. Better battery life
  4. OC to 1350 Mhz
  5. GPU OC to 384 Mhz
  6. Many tweaks
  7. Sound boost on headphones
  8. Updated screen driver
  9. Wifi Direct
  10. F2FS filesystem used by default
  11. GPS fixed (use app included in rom)
  12. Power saving mode (automatically enabled when needed)
  13. Black and white interface more kitkat (not blue and black like cm)
  14. Internal sd disabled
  15. Added BLN support (L9 BacklightMod app)
  16. Support for 5Ghz wifi
  17. OTA updates
  18. Support for f2fs, ExFat and NTFS filesystem
  19. Bluetooth Low Energy support
  20. Less battery drain by screen (lower screen refresh rate)
  21. Better multicore managing

What you need:

  1. LG P760/P765
  2. Unlocked bootloader
  3. My TWRP (only my supports f2fs), you can download it here.


  1. Flash my recovery
  2. Boot to TWRP
  3. Go to settings
  4. Check “Force data and cache wipe functions to use f2fs” and “Include system partition”
  5. Go to main menu and click wipe. Check cache (and data if you weren’t using cm11 f2fs from July or later versions before) and confirm
  6. Flash ROM
  7. Flash fix (if any)
  8. Flash Gapps (if you want)
  9. Reboot system now!




CM11 (27.10.2014):

TWRP Recovery:
Flashable TWRP (Thanks to Nasheich Xfiles) :

Optional links:
Camera Patch for P768 (Thanks to Puntoazul)
Gapps without Google bloatware (reported to be stable):

IRS Starter Pack:


All github repositories:

What to do if your GPS doesn’t work:

  1. Make sure you are using mobile network connection (not WIFI)
  2. Go to GPS Fixer app
  3. Click delete all gps data/configs
  4. Go to Download LTO nad click Download LTO
  5. Go back to main menu
  6. Click restart GPS module
  7. That’s all

About sound boost

Use trickstermod app to control soundboost

About OTA updates

Now next rom versions can be updated through updater in Settings->About phone->Cyanogenmod Updates. Updater app is written by


ViPER520,zhuhang (Viper4Android)
dhiru1602 (Fixing bugs with 1080p recording, bluetooth low energy support)
JustArchi (Compiler flags)



  1. Fixed kernel panics (reverted frequency table)
  2. Updated SaberMod Toolchain
  3. Synced with latest sources from cm-11.0/stable branch



  1. Better multicore handling (Intelliplug, Intellidemand governor)
  2. Better performance and battery life
  3. Removed performance profiles (now Intellidemand detects if you need more performance or battery life). Overclocking can be handled by ex. Trickster mod
  4. Next try to fix Miracast (please try to use it in display settings)
  5. Better memory and multitasking tweaks
  6. Fixed OTA Updater (this ROM must be updated manually)
  7. Optimized screen timings
  8. NEW! Fixed kernel panic



  1. Optimized power profiles (power saving and balanced uses hotplug governor)
  2. ROM is synced with latest CyanogenMod 11 stable sources
  3. Fixed ADB problem on Windows
  4. Screen now uses less power (lower screen refresh rate)



  1. Fixed deep sleep problems when using Bluetooth (thank you dhiru1602)
  2. Compiled with new version of SaberMod Toolchain
  3. Synced with CM sources
  4. Fixed and updated OTA Updater
  5. Fix bug in CM code that Miracast option would stay in Settings even when it was disabled



  1. Remove Miracast – it wasn’t working
  2. Include latest GPS Fixer app (GPS is very fast now)
  3. Powersave and Balanced power profile is optimized
  4. Sync with CM sources



  1. Fix bluetooth
  2. Fix bug: L9 can’t go to deepsleep when bluetooth is enabled
  3. Replaced DSP Manager with Viper4Android installer
  4. Sync with latest cm code


  1. Lower ramhack – no more camera problems
  2. Try to fix dead sleeps. Beta testers reported to be good now
  3. Sync with the latest cm code
  4. Introduce CM performance profiles instead l9tweaker
  5. Sound boost now optional – use trickster mod
  6. Better battery life (4h 30 min screen turned on)



  1. Completly rebased everything
  2. Compiled with SaberMod 4.8 toolchain with JustArchi opt flags
  3. 1080p recording working
  4. Longer battery life
  5. Added my own apps (L9Tweaker, GPS Fixer, L9 BacklightMod, L9 UMS Switcher)
  6. Fixed wifi direct, 5Ghz support and Miracast (untested)
  7. Sound boost other way
  8. Added battery saving option in kernel and app in Performance settings
  9. OTA updater support
  10. New drivers for SGX, camera, gps and wifi
  11. Push volume up at boot to boot to fastboo feature
  12. Updated to android 4.4.4 – lastest cm code
  13. Support for f2fs, exfat and ntfs filesystem
  14. New tweaks for better performance
  15. More stable code
  16. Fixex for Bluetooth
  17. Undervolt by smartreflex module (now our uv isn’t recalibrated, because we are changing voltage after calibration)


Fix: Removed smartreflex, changed voltages – no kernel panic


  1. Removed trickster mod. Added my own app “Kernel settings”. Ability to disable 2nd core.
  2. Updated screen driver, ability to change colors between amoled mode and nature mode
  3. Many fixes to kernel, new cpu freq steps
  4. Less battery drain
  5. Fixes to ril (need to test)
  6. Some gps fixes
  7. Frandom enabled by default
  8. Removed wifi direct
  9. Some audio fixes
  10. More backports in kernel
  11. Added other tweaks
  12. Many other fixes. I can’t remember everything 🙂
  13. On bootup and/or when changing screen colors in my app screen goes blank. You need only to lock device and unlock it again.



  1. New kernel (more stable)
  2. GPU OC reduced to 384 Mhz and CPU OC to 1350 Mhz
  3. Asynchronous fsync from HTC One and many other tweaks in kernel
  4. Added wifi display for tests (propably not working)
  5. Ril files from lastest stock rom (fixed issues with 3g signal)
  6. Ramhack reduced to 840 Mb for stability
  7. New governors (i reccomend dyninteractive)
  8. Sync with CM source tree + own patches
  9. More stability, better battery life, less lags
  10. Added frandom – more performance – how to enable(script or terminal):



  1. Some bluetooth fixes (need to test)
  2. Updated cm source
  3. Some sdcard mounting issues fixes
  4. UMS now works. You must select ums and then reboot with disabled debugging
  5. Update before next big version
  6. Updated wifi configs

Fix: moving to sd and app data on sd fixed


  1. Fixed screenshot preview
  2. Disabled internal sd
  3. New kernel (see kernel features)
  4. OC interface (apk)
  5. Black and white ui (not blue like Jelly Bean)
  6. Synced with cm repos (Android 4.4.2)

  • Giovanni Gaeta

    audio not work

    • Sound works just fine for me

      • Tsvetan

        I have also problems with the sound. Today I almost overslept because the phone alarm did not ring.

        • Ernest

          Problems with audio (turns itself off) is too freezes and becomes very slow, suddenly shutdowns.

  • nic

    LG security error. Why?

    • Owadel

      you didn’t unlocked the bootloader and that’s why you get that error. Try to do a recovery from LG pc tool

  • Ilic Ivan

    Does this work whit CWM Please answer..thanks

    • Victor

      I know that Android 4.4 Requires CWM 6.0.4.x…

  • Ilic Ivan

    How to flash this recovery?

    • Victor

      I flash this CWM with Flashify (from Play Store).
      You can only use it if your bootloder is opened and you have older CWM Recovery…

  • Victor

    Artas Come on!

    Do not let yourself!

    Although Your XDA posts closed today.

    I hope in your website You will continue to develop the 4.4 ROM.

    Thanx and bye: JJ

  • Благодарю за прошивку,стабильна аки скала.Успехов в далнейшем…
    P.S.Там вроде 4.4.1 вышла)))

  • Sergey

    Hello, I don’t understand how flash this CWM with Flashify.
    Can you explain?

    • DarwinDeLaRosa

      Download “Flashify” on Google Play

      Download “Recovery” save to SD Memory

      Open “Flashify” button “recovery” search downloaded file and accept the terms and conditions.

      “” Phone will reboot and recovery was installed itself “”

      Remember to have unlocked the Bootloader “”

      ** I am not responsible for damage to the phone, and I have an expensive brick **

      Sorry for my bad English. Natal Spanish Language!

  • George

    Flash the recovery with fastboot 🙂

  • After finding out I got 2 folders in the root set as shortcut:
    extSdCard and external_sd both leading to my external sdcard

    But how am I going to link all my data to the sd card…

  • Demian

    GPS is working fine?

    • ryhoo2


  • vegas

    There is support for Russian language?

    • ryhoo2


  • ALiAba

    does multiwindow work?

  • ALiAba

    does multiwindow work

  • urbantue

    Hi, great work. CM 11 seems to work really smoothy.
    I just have one issue. The WLAN 5GHz does not work anymore. The 2.4GHz works fine. Does you work on this problem.

    Greetings from Germany

  • Urosh

    Hello, is there step by step guide of installing Cyanogenmod ? I’d be really thankful ! I want to install it but I can’t find any guide to tell me what exactly to do. From stock to cyanogenmod

    • Demian

      You have to unlock your bootloader first mate, there is a full guide in xda developers. Google it.

  • ISrael

    it’s work for lg p768?

    • artas182x

      I haven’t tested it.

      • ISrael

        It’s work! i have tested… Just need to replace /system/vendor/firmware/ducati-m3.bin file with the ICS stock same file, and then camera and phone calls works fine.

        • umm. can you
          explain how to install
          on my p768 ?

  • Urosh

    Hello, I noticed that I can install applications but I can’t install any game, says “Couldn’t install on USB storage or SD card”

  • DKT25

    Hey. Just some stupid questions, but I need to know. How can I create more home screens???

    Thank you 🙂

    • Rohan

      google it

    • jes0411

      Moving any app to a new home screen as if it was there.

  • Gianluca

    Mediafire link don’t work

    • Kong

      Yeah, the same to you, just can’t download

  • KongGuoGuang

    Just can’t download it

  • Kong

    Can’t download the rom from the mediafire link, so can you upload it to Dev-host just like the Gapps and Recovery? It can’t be better if you can send it to my gmail (

  • jose

    I have internet download manager and download manager with Control + Shift and click on the download link works. Otherwise enter adf-ly loop

  • Mugetsu

    Is it just me, or statusbar/drawer lags?

    • artas182x

      I haven’t got any lags. Change governor.

      • Mugetsu

        Thanks, it helped. But this wasn’t a problem in first release (used smartassv2 in earlier and this release)

    • Phil

      The call waiting/call mute/second caller disconnected bug is present…but thats hardly artas182x fault as all builds have this..except for LG stock. Is there any fix for this? Anyone..? This is a phenomenal release by the way…Very stable indeed…Thanks for your work and the time you give it.

      • Adosin

        No one ever seems to answer this question been asking since beginning.


    L9 don t sleep…..Why?

    • Mugetsu

      Do a clean install.

  • Miko

    Czyli dobrze rozumiem, że po tym twoim fixie mogę już przenosić aplikację na kartę sd? 😀

    • artas182x


  • ryhoo2

    Thanks for the ROM, my donation is on the way:)
    One thing I’m still missing is USB Host.

  • noob.gamer

    hey artas, could you figure out a way for settings to work after deleting nfc and tag apk?

  • kong

    Can someboby send the ROM to my Gmail (, because I reallly can’t download it.

  • Boki

    Can someone tell me how to unlock bootloader? I have problems with omap drivers and instructions on XDA forum. And i really want to install this ROM!

  • Ioann

    On my p760 wifi 802.11n don’t work, but in stock rom work well…

  • Skwarosz

    Mam pewne pytanie, miałem wgranego Cyjana z androidem 4.0. Następnie wgrałem nowszą wersję 4.4.2. Po instalacji wyczyściłem cache. Zauważyłem, że po graniu w nocy w gierkę i wyłączeniu jej telefon nie przechodzi z deep sleep. Muszę jeszcze sprawdzić kiedy nie przechodzi.

    • Skwarosz

      A tak po za tym to naprawdę najlepszy custom rom jaki do tej pory miałem. Wszystko śmiga jak szalone. GPS działa. Bateria też daje rade. Szkoda, że mojego modelu telefonu nie mogę nawet podkręcić do 1.2 GHz bo łapie freeza. Fajnieby było gdybym mógł ustawić np. 1100 GHz i sprawdzić czy będzie działać.

      • ryhoo2

        Do OC użyj programu TricksterMOD i zanim przełączysz Max czestotliwość to na zakladce “Specyficzny” wyłącz wszystkie 3 suwaki w sekcji “Kontrola SmartFlex”. U mnie po tym nie mam freeze-a nawet przy 1360MHz 🙂

  • ISrael

    I have an issue

    After I have installed the ROM, the device boots flawlessly, I managed to configure the wifi and some other details … Everything worked perfect but when I rebooted the dispostivo this gets stuck on the LG logo

    Then again Format SYSTEM, DATA, CACHE, DALVIC, then reinstalled CM11 … on the first reboot everything works fine, the second gets stuck on LG logo

    • xyz

      +1…same issue..;-(!

    • jes0411

      Are you using artas’s cmw?

      I had same issue in cm10.2 after restore a backup with old twrp.
      Also after clean install after that.

      I solved it doing a clean install from cwm.

      • ISrael

        yes, im using artas’s cwm, and i doing clean install

  • jes0411

    Found 2 bugs in camera.
    Taking a photo while recording video, the photo is black.
    If I change to front camera in video mode, fc. I had to clear camera data from settings/apps.

    Anyway, the photos are better than stock rom in my opinion.

  • jes0411

    With interactive governor I have some lag, I changed it to smartassv2 and all is smooth now.

    In previous 4.4 version with interactive I had not lag.

  • Śledziks

    Mam wrażenie, że ta wersja jest trochę wolniejsza od poprzedniej, zdarzają się minimalne lagi, a i gry chodzą zauważalnie gorzej. Mam nadzieję, że poprawisz to w następnej wersji. Dzięki za roma i za Twoją ciężką pracę.

    To non-Polish users. I have a feeling that the second version is a bit slower, small lags happen and games run noticeable worse. I hope it will be fixed in the next version. But still, the rom is amazing! 🙂

    • jes0411

      I fixed it changing governor to smartassv2
      With interactive I have lag

      • Śledziks

        It helped for general use but games still don’t run as flawless as they used to.

  • jes0411

    Another bug.
    When device is off and charging, besides screen does not turn off, after a while it power on itself.

    • artas182x

      I haven’t experienced any problems with it.

      • jes0411

        For me the screen shows the battery animation charging and after a while screen turns black but does not turn off, and after some time te phone powers on.

        • GZ

          Same here..

          • ISrael

            It’s happend to me even on CM10.2…

          • xyz

            when we try to reboot while charging…it stucks at lg logo…and if not charging then it will reboot normally…somewhat same issue..:-(

      • Vladimir

        in developer options uncheck Stay awake. If unchecked, check it and uncheck.

  • DevilGuy

    There are 2 bugs for me:
    – Some game of gameloft (i just try “wild blood” and “The amazing spider man”) has stopped working, it can’t run.
    – When i connect phone with computer through USB cable, then i restart, i stuck at LG logo, i turn off phone and restart but it still stuck. There’s only all way to do it: remove the battery and restart.
    Anw, this is the best ROM cook at this moment. I hope you can fix it 😀

  • Komang

    Thanks artas for great cm 11, working perfectly and so stable. I have been using this for 1 week!!!! Bravo artas

  • potato

    why is there no miracast option? as i understand miracast works on direct wifi which this phone support? so any thought on that? there is option under display, but only says no screen found, it wont even search, there is no settings button

  • Marius

    Works perfect, thank you!

  • Frant1c

    I want to thank you Artas for this amazing, smooth ROM and i hope you won’t stop developing/fixing bugs for it.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  • bahram

    Please support p768
    Thanks for hard work

  • Danek

    Nice ROM, but auto brightnes doesnt work.

    • ISrael

      for this Devices brightnes doesnt work even on Stock men

  • wolfist

    Does the camera work on 1080p? And if not, is there any way of make it work at 1080p? Thx

    • got the same question

      • Darwin De La Rosa

        Does not work
        Also, recording with sharp movements has noise

  • Qaza

    Can you tell us MD5 or SHA-1 hash values for your files? Just to be sure. Keep on the good work 🙂

  • daniel

    hello i cannot find the developer options in settings, could someone help me out? thanks and good job.

    • deepak

      Build number

      Click on it 5 to 6 times to unlock the devlepor settings

  • ernis

    Hello could some one tell how to download the cwm here please ?.. Because it shows me that its been expired or removed.

    • ernis

      Nevermind found out how to download. xD

  • przemvelbenny

    “ (Core gapps package with only essential Google services.)

    Hello, witam! 🙂
    Gapps from other page. Works with this ROM also! Gapps reduced to Google Store mostly.
    Link taken from this site:

  • Danek

    Artas, could u PLEASE repair download link for the experienced stock series final rom? It doesn’t work.. 🙂

  • jes0411

    Wifi signal is quite low in this rom.
    And I realized that when battery level is low, performance decreases. When battery level is high performance is very good.

  • bahram360

    Hi artas
    I flash cm 11 (4.4.2) p760 on p768 and flashed cm patch. but have problem via WiFi.i when selecte turn on WiFi and turn off.replay to auto turn on.why?
    How can me fix this problem?

  • Aman dhanju

    I got a question, why is the antutu score so low and why are heavy games lagging?

  • Alex

    Great work, Thanks! But there is one question: how can i enable internal sd?

  • indrajit

    Hello Artas, I have little problem with FM Radio, I’ve installed spirit fm and found “Error: No FM accessible”. Do u have reccomendation for fm radio apps?

  • Ivan Ilic

    Sometimes when i call someone he can’t hear me…thats the bug on every cm i ever use…and never been solved.. Why is that so hard to fix …sorry for my english

    • Gaurav

      It occurs when you are talking with someone and some other person calls you. Then you call is muted. Am I right.?

  • Deepak

    hey hi greetings from India
    can you please tell me how to enable intenal sd card again so that i can install and try other stable roms like miuiv5 etc

  • Deepak

    and can u please tell me how to spped up those laggy animations
    i cannot find develpor options section where animation scales are located
    im fed up with these laggy animations

    • deepak

      I figured it out how to unlock devlepor settings
      If anyone is intrested try this
      Go to
      Build number

      Click on build number for 6 to 7 times to unlock it

  • hi nice work~!
    but my device is p768
    can you port this work for p768

    • ISrael

      I have a p768 too and i have this rom installed… Just do this:
      1) Install CWM artas182
      2) Do wipe Data/ System/Cache/Dalvic
      3) Install the artas181 CM11 ROM
      4) Install GoogleApps
      5) Install this Fix!Vt8izLxT!Dujx7WC6HOaDrz_iaJMQUGHYdMk7F-ekyYNHsHRBka4

      The fix eliminate de NFC modules and replace the P760 Camera Modules with p768 camera modules…

      Everything is working perfect!!

      • thanks !! so thank you !!!
        it works !!!
        everything works find!!
        i really thank you !

        • oh !
          everything works smoothly but
          camera still not working ??
          can you tell me how to fix it??

          p.s i am korean user

          • ISrael

            Ok. ok… iin this case must extract from a Stock-release ICS 4.0.4 ( for your specific phone model) a file called ducati-m3.bin and reaplace this file in the cyanogen rom

            This is the file root : /system/vendor/firmware/ducati-m3.bin

            Put permissions for file at rw-r-r–

            then reboot… Camera must work.

            p.s. Im a Venezuelan user!

          • ISrael

    hey thanks for great rom
    but i would lije to ask you
    Is there any way to install stock apps like memo or quickmemo? and any way to floating qslide apps?

    • ISrael

      no way

  • ISrael

    After install this rom, on the first boot everything works fine, the second boot, i mean when reboot then gets stuck on LG logo, Please tellme something to fixit!

    • Gaurav

      wipe-data factory reset from recovery.

      • ISrael

        i have done, but issue still continue 🙁

        • ISrael

          Problem solved with the new ROM CM 20140107 thanks Artax82!!!! 🙂

  • Gaurav

    “In recovery internal_sd does not work, but in rom internal and external works.”
    does above have any disadvantage..?

    What is there in “fix”. Is it necessary.?

  • jes0411

    Thanks for update.

  • jes0411

    Bluetooth in car is working good in last update.

    • artas182x

      Good to hear it!

  • suhar

    thanks for correction of Russian for thanks assembly

  • suhar

    the bluetooth works with a font perfectly

  • suhar

    When there will be a new updating? ) ) )

    • artas182x

      I have some problems with my leg, i will start tommorow maybe.

      • ISrael

        I hope you recover your health soon… Be fine please!

      • SexySale

        Get well first, then resume work! We are very grateful for Your work…

  • deepak

    Get well soon brother
    Wishes from india

  • deepak

    Hey Brother is smooth and everything Woking fin thanks a lot
    Can u work on these things fix (photos are blurry I compared it with stock and miui ROM)
    2.internal_SD fix
    3.mic fix (ppl can’t hear on the other side due to low volume prob have to speak really loud)

    And hey can u tell me how to buy u couple of beers for ua hard work I really want to please tell me how to do it

    Thanks in advance
    Get well soon
    Cheers and wishes frim India and all l9 users

  • karun

    is there any way to access internal storage on this rom..i know its disabled..i had some data on internal storage..thanks

  • Colt Python

    Thank you very much! This ROM is very stable

  • Hi..
    Previously I was using your CM11

    For using this update, it need to wipe anything?

    • clement

      i was told it was good to wipe factory and caches, so i recommend you too

  • orlando

    When there will be a new updating? ) ) )

  • Adonay Escalante

    Hello, I want to congratulate you and thank you, very good internet job, I hope you can sort out the camera, and to use the internal memory, I hope you have an update soon, keep it up. Greetings.

    Lg L9 p768g.

  • Didr

    On the latest build not working GPS. (P765) Hello from Russia

  • Darwin De La Rosa

    Updatw? 🙁

  • ISrael

    This is de new CM11 patch for p768 updated 15 Jan 2014 — >!pgtTiQbR!A6_1IHC2ishTcUlnsaQMAy-rPPFYCqkqWEvoiOhtYLk


    • ISrael

      If after patching, your device stuck in lg logo you must do a clean cache and davik cache in CWM and then reboot.

  • ISrael

    This is de new CM11 patch for p768 updated 15 Jan 2014 (Repaired link) :!gx1GGIgC!e6lscD88KBWOhCR-EEFRbSFnsRpJchW1lwrKvxwUFMg

    If after patching, your device stuck in lg logo you must do a clean cache and davik cache in CWM and then reboot.

    • Josue

      This patch for that works?

      • ISrael

        it’s work… i have a p768 with this rom and this patch: everything is working perfect!

  • spilios

    i used your CWM for phones with unlock bootloader , and the phone wont accept the update (error on flashing zip) . Do i have to use the other bootloader of yours you have here only ?

    • ISrael

      Enter in fasboot mode an flashit with your pc and us cable.
      extract the recovery.img file from zip and then:

      fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

      That’s all

  • Oscar

    Facebook Sync with contacts not found :(.

  • Fry

    I have to say this is the best and smoothest ROM I have ever tried. But unfortunately I’m having a problem with a massive battery drain.

    Can somebody help me how to switch back to my previous ROM, because I’m unable to. In this recovery any other ROM cannot be installed, but if I flash some other recovery it’s not working (i believe because of disabled internal memory?).

    Help me please!!

    • ISrael

      Enter in fastboot mode and flash your preferred recovery,
      enter in recovery.
      Wipe data, cache, dalvik, system.
      Reflash your preferred ROM

      • Barbara

        How do I enter fastboot from this rom? I remember having to switch back to stock and work my way up from there, do I have to do that again?

        • ISrael

          Follow this steps:

          1) Enter in “Developper Options”
          2) Check the “Advanced reboot” option
          3) Preess the power button for above 3 seconds
          4) Select “Reboot” option
          5) Select “Bootloader” option
          6) Connect the device to your pc via usb.
          7) Extract the content of the recovery zip on a folder and find de recovery.img file
          8) Open a Command pront /Terminal /Console and type: fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
          9) when finish, press the power button above 12 secconds to power off… Turn on your device an that’s all You have new recovery on your device…

          Good Look!

          • Barbara

            Wow thank you very much!

        • ISrael

          By the way you can use this recovery CWM compiled by “pollos” it is full compatible with this rom and it dettect Internal and External SD…


          • charlie

            GPS is not working on p760 for now. Is gps working on previous build? Is there link somewhere to previous build or is update going to be released in few days?

            Pozdrawiam 😉

          • charlie

            sorry for the mess, on my phone I thought that is general comment field showed to me instead of reply.

  • Barbara

    Wifi is extremely slow, and by slow, I mean 48 minutes left to update Google+, any fix?

    • clement

      i dont know why but when you cover part of the phone wifi works almost at 0, they made a mistake when making this one

      • ISrael

        It must be a hardware failure… mi wifi work perfect…

  • Vins

    looking for the next update

  • alessandroL9

    I’d like to know if in the next release will be included the dialer of the today release of CM 11 nightly (the one in black and white)

  • charlie

    GPS is not working on p760 for now. Is gps working on previous build? Is there link somewhere to previous build or is update going to be released in few days?

    Pozdrawiam 😉

  • Piniasty

    Świetna robota! Zauważyłem jedna rzecz, mianowicie zaraz po instalacji pojawiło mi sie więcej opcji preferowanych sieci, a po jakimś czasie widze tylko dwie opcje (2G lub 3G) Czy coś mogło to spowodować?


  • ISrael

    Artas, whow do yo feel about your leg?

  • Gyðingurinn

    Just wanted to say thank you, loving this ;D

  • Stefan Henghelz

    I installed the recovery the when trying to install the rom it errors and says status 7

    • ISrael

      Are you flashing the correct recovery?

      What kind of device you have, model p760? 765? 769? ????

  • Alberto

    My interlocutors can not hear me clearly unless I speak louder. Can you increase the microphone volume? Or is there a way to do it on my own? Thank you!

    • ISrael

      You must reflash your baseband from a correct stock rom from your device and networkoperator

      • ISrael

        You must reflash your baseband from a correct stock rom FOR your device and networkoperator

        • Alberto

          My baseband is LGP760AT-00-V20e-EUR-XXX-JUN-14-2013 I think it’s correct, don’t it?

          • ISrael

            it’s correct… then you should try the “stock rom” to rule out hardware failure

          • Alessandro

            I have the same issue, but I don’t upgraded the baseband module to the latest version. How can I upgrade it without reinstall stock rom? Thanks in advance

  • Ivan

    ums dont work for me to go on previous setup for usb?

  • Ivan

    debbuting dont work annymore,my pc dont reconisade my phone

    • ISrael

      you must postit in the bug section… with the proper dmegs and logs

  • Ivan

    Does this works whit CWM v6.0.4.5 Touch recovery

    • ISrael

      you’re affirming or asking?

      • Ivan


        • Jose

          yes, it works

          • Ivan


    • Joris te Dorsthorst

      Where can I download this recovery?

  • Ideelibre

    It’s works fine for me, very good job!!

  • Darwin De La Rosa

    update? 🙁

  • Ivan

    When i what to use scren record, phone reboot..everytime

  • Liuti5

    What about bluetooth, Will work with my car device? Works with BT headphones? Rom have Lithuanian language? Big thanks Artas for your Job!!!

  • israelmm

    Hey Arthur! We are wating for an update… Your ROM is the best rom for now, please don’t leave us!

    By the way, how do yo feel about tour leg, is you healt fine?

    • Ivan
      • ISrael

        Artas, are you live??? Respond Pleaseeee!!! ; (

  • Śledziks

    Wczoraj pojawiła się nowa wersja CM11, zamierzasz zaktualizować swój rom do wersji M3?

    Yesterday new version of CM11 appeared, are you going to update your rom to M3?

  • zdravko

    There is no update anymore..this is it 🙁

    • artas182x

      I need to configure ubuntu on new notebook and i will compile new. Old build is for dialy use for now.

      • israelmm

        Thanks god!!!! Is nice to see you again…,and you have great news…. We will wait for you, take tour time but please don’t forgive us

        • ISrael

          i mean: please don’t leave us

  • Hi Artas,

    First of all, a Big Thanks to you, for compiling this ROM for your L9 friends… 🙂

    Here are the few problems, that I am facing, or maybe they are features of KitKat, as I am not aware of them all:

    —> Sound Problem
    I felt a decrease in Volume. When I plugged the phone into AUX cable and increased the volume to Max, the sound is actually not coming upto that level. It is decreased by around 40%.

    —> Storage
    I can only see 2 directories now:
    /sdcard0 —> External SD
    In the previous ROM, I use to have directories like:
    /sdcard0 –> Internal
    /sdcard1 –> External

    Although, the Storage is not giving any problem, but just for your information.

    —> GPS not working
    So in google maps, I tried the location and its just not working.

    Again, I appreciate your efforts and wish for updates to the ROM.

    Thank You

    Best Regards

    • Ok.

      — Bluetooth is Not working for me too.
      — When I connect using a USB, it only shows me Memory card drive as Internal SD. It use to show Internal SD with 4 GB and External SD as my memory card.

      For your Information, I had done 1 extra step while Flashing the ROM, i.e,
      format /system

      Don’t know why, but I had read it somewhere so I did that 😛

      • Ivan

        I have same AUX problem, bluetooth and gps works wine for me

        • ISrael

          you must post it in the bug section not here…

    • ISrael

      you must post it in the bug section not here…

  • karan

    most stable rom i have ever used thanks to you everything seems to work awesome!!

    keep up the good work

    theres just one bug the music is cracked!

  • sandeep

    download links are dead,,,can anyone provide any other link to download the recovery ??

  • Mobile data are pretty and signal all in all.
    IG this can be fixed. Plesse tell me

  • Mobile data are pretty slow

    • Israel

      pretty = beauty
      explain yourself…

  • kongguoguang

    NFC can’t be turn off

    • Phil

      Nfc can be turned off if you deletes these respective files..


      This has already been replied by artit in xda forum..I’m just copying his post. Use root explorer or Es file explorer(after enabling root features) to delete the above files. Good luck!

      • vins


  • no available USB tethering?

    or my phones error?

  • Thx for the new update it better now.
    but can you fix the non recording bug?
    u know i cant record with any program!

  • Tomek

    Witam. Mam kilka propozycji, otoz:
    -Dodanie opcji wlaczania latarki przyciskiem Home(akcja przytrzymania przycisku Home na ekranie blokady, jest w ustawieniach – tam tylko dodac latarke)
    -Przelaczniki na pasku powiadomien – trzeba im zrobic jakies obramowanie biale, zeby byly widoczne. Nie mowie o panelu przelacznikow.
    -Naprawic trzeba przelacznik ekranu blokady(na pasku przelacznikow). Po reboocie wlacza sie ekran blokady znow i trzeba przelaczac.
    ROM jest bardzo dobry, mimu kilku bledow. Polecam.

  • 1.When i hit reboot in the shutdownmenu i get a bootloop that can only be fixed by reflashing your Rom. Hope this bug is Öls at my phone.
    2. I cant record my screen with any APP.
    Aldow the Rom is awesome

  • rohit

    first of all i would like to congratulate for developing this ROM.Minor signal clarity issue .When talking also sometimes (not always) its not able to lock onto network provider. GPS issue.eagerly waiting for next Release!!

  • Axel

    Please fix the NFC conection..!

  • Atharva

    All links are dead!!

    • artas182x

      Links are working. Maybe you have blocked domain.

      • Ivan

        When we can expected new update

      • Atharva

        Yup you were right, links were blocked in my country(India).I used Hotspot Shield to open them and download the content.

        But then i came around another hiccup, which is how to install your custom recovery.

        I’m using CWM but I find option only to install zip files in it.
        Please Guide me further

        Thanks in advance for your help.
        Cheers! 😀

      • Atharva

        Installed your custom recovery through flashify.
        And I must say you did an excellent job with this Rom!!

        Kudos to you man 😉
        Lovin’ it 😀

        • shirish

          bro have u installed new cm 11(18.4.2014)?

          • Atharva

            yes, n it’s equally amazing!! 😀 (:

  • Zander

    When a new ROM ?

  • Hayo

    When will U release a new version with less bugs?

  • Leo Echevarría

    Hey! First of all, thanks a lot for your work! The ROM is plain awesome.
    I’ve got a little issue I’m hoping you could help me with: I own a LG L9 P778 (from Personal Argentina). Your ROM works fine (I just added a little patch because the camera is different than that of P760), but my phone doesn’t have an NFC antenna, and the NFC service keeps running an it’s draining my battery.
    If I go to Wireless Settings, the option is greyed out and the check box seems to be ticked.
    I tried deleting Nfc.apk from /system/app, but after that any time I open settings I get a crash (“Unfortunately, Settings has stopped”). I restored the apk, and I still get this error!

    Could you please give me a hand on these issues (it was two after all)?

    Thanks again!

  • Preetham


    There is one irritating bug in this!

    While am speaking in a call, if i receive a second call, i am getting the second call notification on my display. But when the second call ends(am still speaking in the first call), it makes the current call to mute. Also if i pick the second call , i cant talk as it will be in mute mode too!

    Please fix this bug in next update!

    Thanks in advance

    • artas182x

      I know about it, i will see it.

  • Iran

    Will you launch a new version with the update 4.4.3?

  • Froudos

    Hello there!I would much appreciate it if you help me out here…I flashed CM 11 and i have a really serious problem…Entered CM, created acc, etc after cheering for the fact that this ROM is obviously very handsome and customizable i connected my device to my PC (enabled all necessary options from the developer modification) and i can’t see anything in the P760 folder (my computer)…”The folder is empty”…I searched enough on the net to find a solution but i can’t even flash any other ROM…Also browser and every kitkat app is not working…Plz help!Thnak you in advance

  • Jjd

    “On bootup and/or when changing screen colors in my app screen goes blank. You need only to lock device and unlock it again.”

    Artax please fix this bug its very annoying. Every time locking and unlocking, locking and unloking. Its the worst bug on this rom

  • Bram

    it’s work on p765 with v20b? thanks before…

    • jake

      works fine!

      • bram

        Yes it works fine.. Thanx art as..

  • jake

    hi artas, my device is p765 and all works fine. but, when i plug my device into pc , my pc wont detect my phone. why? sorry for bad english

  • Leo Echevarría

    Hey! Is it necessary to do full wipe if I was using last version of this very ROM?
    I have v20b baseband, and so far it’s been working farely well, do you think it would be better if I got v20o?

  • Saulius

    Camera don’t work on P760

  • parth vyas

    hey can I use this on my p765 v20c…and how can I install recovery ……..I have also not unlocked boot loader……can u tell me how can i unlock my p765 boot loader…….I’ve search on XDA but its all related to p760….plzz help me……

  • Iran

    Como actualizo mi banda base? uso p768

  • Sergey

    I’ve been using your ROM for about six months and did not notice serious errors. You helped me a lot, thank you.

  • hiimnotenglish

    The ROM only run with V20O baseband? I have the V20H there is a problem?


  • Kiddo123

    The links are dead! 🙁
    Could you please post a mirror link or something?

  • Andrean

    Artas, Please fix that screen blank bug, it’s very annoying.. Thanks

  • Andrean

    Call is not working, black screen then force close while trying to call someone.

  • Ioann

    After update from 28-02 version to 18-05 version, my phone battery lives one day (be 3 days). Where i can download version 28-02?

  • cesare

    hi artas it is really a good rom, everything works, I hope you will continue to support this terminal 😉

  • Janek

    Hi Artas.I really like you ROM.My P760 Is like a new phone for me.I have little problem with MXplayer, It played HD content in H/W+ very nicely in stock ROM.In CM11 it unable to decode HD content in H/W+ only S/W is supportet.The S/W decoded HD content plays a little clitchy.Can you tell me is it fixable in a near future.

  • Luca

    Unfortunately, in the command drawner sounds not working

  • Ankur Thakur

    Hi Artas, I have been using your ROM for about 3-4 months, but unfortunately I had to roll back to original CM 10.2.1.
    I always had the problem of sound boost, in LG ROM as well as CM roms, that whenever I tried to increase volume, the music just gets paused. Then I had to play it again.
    But your ROM solved this problem, when I used Sound Boost in Trickster Mod.

    Now, as I am running CM 10.2.1, can you please tell me How can I proceed if I want to have Sound Boost on my Device?
    Should I install Trickster MOD from Play Store and do that directly? Or is there any other alternate?

    Thank you very much for your roms and support 🙂

  • Paweł

    Rom is really good for me do not work Hours of Silence and fight the battery as fast this ROM eat it 😉

  • Ernest

    That news from the version 4.4.4? And thanks for the incredible job!!

  • Milestone2

    Unfortunately, the CM11 link is wrong…

    BŁĄD 404 – Strona nie znaleziona
    Strona o adresie
    nie istnieje na tym serwerze.

    Aby uzyskać więcej informacji o błędzie
    przejdź na stronę opisu błędów na

    Oferujemy szybki, bezpieczny i stabilny web-hosting.
    Masz pytania? – skontaktuj się z nami przez

    • artas182x

      Now it works

      • Milestone2

        Thanks. Other problem generated.

  • Milestone2

    Dear Artas!

    You linked a GAPPS package.
    It unflashable with your TWRP.
    Failed again and again…
    What is the problem?

    • Milestone2

      OK. I forgot: “Check “Force data and cache wipe functions to use f2fs” and “Include system partition”

      Let’s see now…

      • Milestone2

        Works. Thanks. I am blind.

    • artas182x

      I updated gapps with stable and tested by me

      • Milestone2


        • Milestone2

          My Master Artas!

          Links does not works (ROM and new GAPPS)
          “ERROR The requested URL could not be retrieved”
          🙁 Please, correct them.

          • Milestone2

            Dear Artas! I am sending you a private message on XDA with mirror links of your new ROM, GAPPS, TWRP. If you want convert it to and share it. Bye. Good luck.

  • davidvip18

    Mam problem. Zainstalowałem soft, wszystko było ok. Po ponownym uruchomieniu telefon stanął na logo lg. Jak włączyć twrp? Bo przy home+power+volume up włącza się fastboot

  • Ulises

    There is a problem with the link. It says:

    This domain and website have been suspended because of abuse or copyright reasons.

  • Ulises

    English/Ingles: Can samebody re-upload it to a mirror pls?

    Spanish/Español: Puede alguien re subirlo a otro servidor por favor?


      si puedo pero me farta el archivo .img alguien por favor me lo envie:

    • Milestone2

      Links changed!

  • Hernan

    I have a question, when I try to choose the governor, on performance, the only option available is “interactive”, it’s something wrong with my phone or it’s a bug?

    • Milestone2

      NOPE! This ROM (kernel) contain only one governor, because it is the most stable. I think so…

  • Sean

    Artas Please Help US I can’t Download from yout link and I’m from Indonesia
    Thankyouu… Sorry for Bad English

    • Milestone2

      Links replaced!

  • Milestone2

    Just an Experience: New ROM works with latest official PA-GAPPS MICRO too.

  • inthy

    having problems with the SD-Card. phone doenst recognize it. Media keeps scanning and drains battery life but wont connect. Any solutions?

    • inthy

      solved it by first formatting to exfat and then back to fat32

      • Milestone2

        What is the capacity of the SD card you?
        We found that TWRP works up to 16GB.
        The 32GB card is no longer detected.
        Or this can be solved with formatting?

  • Milestone2

    Dear Artas!
    One question.
    This format error or bug?
    We found that TWRP works up to 16GB.
    The 32GB card is no longer detected.
    What is your opinion?

  • Ilmaz

    How i can diable smart reflex?
    Sorry for my englihs)

    • Ilmaz


      • artas182x

        You can’t. I added uv and other code in smartreflex. If i had added switcher everything would have been gone.

  • jes0411

    After enter fastboot by error when trying to enter recovery I keep pressing power button to power off and then phone doesn’t boot system or recovery, it shows lg logo all time and I can only force power off and enter fastboot.

    I think changes in keys to enter fastboot was a bad idea.

    • jes0411

      I think only thing I can do is use lg support tool to flash stock rom.

      • jes0411

        Solved it flashing old twrp from fastboot.

        • jes0411

          I mean previous twrp with f2fs support that doesn’t have that change about fastboot.

  • voodoo11

    Artas, dzięki za kawał dobrej roboty! Czy po najnowszej aktualizacji nadal potrzebny jest baseband 20o, czy mozna tez flashować na niższych wersjach?

  • anonymous

    Hay there,
    how i can flash the recovery?
    its not work with the “lg optimus l9-toolkit” that i use.
    please help…

    • anonymous

      I always come into the fastboot mode

      • ISrael

        if you press vol Down + home + power and you enter in recovery…

        but,if you press vol up + home + power then you enter in fastboot.

        Is a artas182x trick

        • anonymous

          wow thanks.
          but i have a new problem.
          it stops on the cm logo.
          I’ve been waiting at least 1 hour now,
          and nothing has happened.
          pls help

  • anonymous

    it has done :DD

  • dimmex

    after flashing twrp is stuck at LG logo..could anyone suggest how to proceed?

    • dimmex

      i am not even able to boot into fastboot.can i install old twrp without flashing stock recovery and rom .would appreciate inputs

      • otto

        You can’t, not without fastboot.I’m gonna use lg mobile support tool…

        • dimmex

          i installed omap and fastboot after that i was able to boot into new twrp now installed new 4.4.4 🙂

  • otto

    I’m stuck in LG logo after system freeze.Can’t get to recovery, help!

  • anonymous

    wow thanks.
    but i have a new problem.
    it stops on the cm logo.
    I’ve been waiting at least 1 hour now,
    and nothing has happened.
    pls help

  • Ezequiel

    Contratulations for your hard work artas!
    I have installed the last updated
    Boot fast, internet 3G / WIFI work perfectly, sound perfect, display too, i’ve installed Android L cm11 theme, looks nice
    Problems.. sometimes device dont wake up in any way – Battery off and turn back again.
    The biggest problem is that the touch screen or display freezes wherever im, sometimes block and unlock fix it, if not I force turn off device.
    It’s a shame that this work is not perfect because this problem.
    Sometimes apps crash.
    I would appreciate if you can tell me to change something in the rom to be more secure, I have a slow sd card 2gb kingston, the difference notary with a class 10 hc memory?
    I have P778 model, same hardware P768. Camera work.. but crash in some moment, fix with reset. I can install other fixs from earlier builds of cm11?
    The camera fix that you’ve posted fix the No NFC too?.
    Battery goes fine, Android System 15%, in cm 5%.
    Sorry the english.. some can answer? Thanks

  • kotek

    I think thats all is great but now Gps get the fix very slow I tested on Sygic. Dziękuję bardzo Artas za Twoją pracę !


    gps does not work on p768g, I made ​​all tests

  • parth vyas

    i have just unlock my bootloader ….i have p765 model …and V20A baseband ….how to flash TWRP recovery for 4.4.4
    and can i flash artas182x 4.4.4 in INDIAN V20A baseband….sorry its silly questions ..but i m noob for flashing recovery. i mean i m new for flashing recovery ,previously i have not flash any recovery.
    hope reply as soon as possible

    • Ezequiel

      Download recovery posted here in Zip.. Put the Zip in external memory sd
      Root your phone, install app ROM Manager play store, install inside app the recovery, reboot to recovery (app option) in recovery install the Zip here, reboot, go to play store, install TWRP manager, reboot into twrp and ready

  • Manik

    hi artas….. thanks for this incredibly smooth 4.4.4 rom. I’m using a p765 and previously used the 4.4.2 rom. Battery life is great compared to the previous rom. i’m using
    *nature mode-on
    *power saving-off
    *gpu overclock-on settings in l9 tweaker app and 200-1200Mhz. Even with these settings battery life is better compared to my stock p765 six months ago.(its 17 months old now)…There’s only one major bug(as far as i have found). The display freezes and it could only be solved by rebooting…. it happens at least once or twice a day and its really annoying…… sometimes the phone won’t wake up and is again only solved by rebooting…. please address this problem as soon as possible…. this rom is near PERFECT my friend!!!!!

    • Ezequiel

      Hi manik!. My experience its similar than yours
      L9 Stock worst battery optimization, then CM10.2 normal, and this is the fucking best rom battery life. Look, I try rom 24hs, freezes too. install greenify and force stop apps in background.
      Disable the app L9 Tweaker from artas and more stable.
      When freezes, block the phone, let it thing a few seconds, try unlock..
      I think that the problem freezes is in android.systemui process..
      Install nova launcher, Android L theme CM11, disable animations, disable startup apps or some works for me..

  • Manik

    Hi ezequiel… Thanks for the idea… I’m already using greenify and will try disabling L9 tweaker app… And I’m gonna stick with stock launcher for now since its really good…. If problem persists i’ll change to nova launcher and follow your suggestions.

    • Ezequiel

      The phone goes fine. Freezes disappear, when I sleep the phone spend only 5% Battery in 10hs with wifi on, and whatsapp in background, is incredible. Very smooth, more than the CM team.
      Im using L9 tweaker. You see difference between nature and amoled? I put 1200mhz maximum frecuency and no problem, gpu overclock dont know, Leo’s fortune the game walks good xd
      I think that artas must show more detail the work
      The freeze affects android.systemui process only i know..
      I will buy a better sd card xd
      This guy must work in a big company.
      We waiting the perfect room, and a future Android L for this high quality phone. Cheers

      • Ezequiel
      • Manik

        been using the device for 4 days with l9 tweaker disabled…..freezing problem not as severe as before….. most of the time can be solved by locking and unlocking after a few seconds…. hope it is eliminated soon!!!… and i’ve found another problem….. some apps wont install properly…. after i press install it shows ‘Installing’ for a long time and just returns to the home screen….. but the app doesnt show up in the app drawer…. i’ve restarted and tried again and again but it doesnt work….


    Everything is working for me. just the system key backlights are not working. p765

    • Ezequiel

      You have an app for iluminate keys, find it, dont work functions or Just lights?
      The L9 tweaker power saving turn off ilumination too.

    • parth vyas

      Hey KAIJAR. ..Can you tell me which recovery file need to be selected …coz there are two links (above)
      and I open Wikipedia link for g apps and there’s also two link for g apps….one for small and one for large file…which g apps should I download. ..???
      and can you tell me how to flash TWRP recovery….
      I have also ask this question previously….and I got reply from Ezequiel. but still I m confused. …..
      and is this Rom is stable for P765 Coz I m also p765 user. .
      and is there any lag. .I mean freezing or any think. ..
      and is there any patch for P765 …..I mean in above descriptions there camera patch for p768 ….?? should I flash that. …??
      I know above questions r silly but I m New so I ask..,
      please reply as soon as possible. …

      • Ezequiel

        Download first gapps link, the second its same but with more apps, i’ve downloaded first gapps posted. The TWRP have two ways, first link in img, second in Zip flash file, for this you must have a recovery installed before and then flash the Zip TWRP and then download TWRP app play store to boot into twrp recovery, read about how to install in Google or Just install Custom ROM app

        • Ezequiel

          The camera patch work for me, with some bug..
          Model p760 have 5mpx and p768/778 have 8mpx different camera, for this i flash the patch. If your Model camera its same like p760 dont flash fix

          • parth vyas

            thanks Ezequiel for helping me

  • anonymous

    hi i have big problems with my rom
    1.I get no 3d connection when I’m out of WI-fi and must restart it every time to get it.
    how can i fix it? freeze sometimes when I start / close apps or display can i connect my phone with MTP to a PC?
    pls help and Sorry For My Bad English

  • Rafal

    Telefon cały czas pokazuje mi że dostępna jest aktualizacja OTA. Instalowałem ją już chyba 4 razy i dalej wyświetla się to samo. A i jeszcze jedno czasami ekran zmienia kolory albo pojawiają sie paski i ekran jest czarno biały.

  • radols

    chodzi na wszystkich baseband czy tylko na v20p?

  • Richard

    well i,ve installed it but im having a big issue ok every time that i turn off and turn on my p768 the, rom well i dont know why it like does a factory reset and it doesnt connect to my wifi signal

  • kamilq7042

    I got a problem. I can’t flash ROM in TWRP. I change seetings, wipe data and cache. When i try to “install’ I don’t see my .zip files, onlu few empty folders like:

    • Ezequiel

      in the external_sd try
      And put Zip in external too
      Try sd card in other phone, if works format it , put in the phone and Try again

  • Kotiz

    Can anyone make test with endomondo do you have fix gps ?

  • parth vyas

    i have installed 4.4.4 on my p765 …but now it shows my device as p760…
    and p765 has no NFC but in my setting theres a NFC to remove nfc …coz it drain battery …please provide soultion to remove NFC …..
    overall ROM is great ..but i got OTA update ..when i click on OTA just shows list of features but no download …i saw on ota folder there is only 33mb of download ….is there any fix for OTA updater ….
    its my first CM rom so i dont know how to remove NFC
    please reply as soon as possible ..

    • Ezequiel

      There is a patch for camera fix, for example, I have the p768 model, NO NFC + 8MPX camera, the patch fix my camera, and disable the nfc too. In your case, need to fix only NFC, a patch only for it. Search in Google

    • Manik

      use romtoolbox to disable nfc… go to app manager in romtoolbox and freeze nfc app… restart the phone and in settings you’ll find nfc unchecked and disabled…

      • Ezequiel

        NFC is a service, not an app

        • SwAroop

          Download ES File Manger enable root access.. and then search ” nfc” you will get around 10 files, Delete those file and restart to recovery and wipe delvik and cache… 🙂

        • Manik

          yes its a service but when u freeze nfc u disable the Nfc.apk ‘app’ in system/app folder

  • ViteK

    I installed your ver.CM11 KitKat and I found that missing FM radio. Spirit FM is not compatible. It is another application for FM radio (not online). Please solve the problem. Thank you and goodbye

    Sorry for my English

    • ISrael

      In l9 cm there is no radio, and may be never will be

  • dimmex

    any way to change the core voltage artas ? as phone freezes often and at times response is very slow..

  • inthy

    Hey artas,
    im having a serious problem. the rom suddenly crashed and now it only says “type password to decrypt storage” but i didnt encrypt anything, and i didnt set a password. i tried my PIN but it doenst work, also tried wiping data&cache, erasing userdata und even flashing CWM and CM10.2 but it wont disappear, “type password to decrypt storage”. anyone else having this problem?

    • artas182x

      As i said you on pm full wipe with twrp (uncheck f2fs). If it won’t help kdz flash and full wipe with stock recovery.

  • Niket Saini

    error occur during installation of rom
    error is : set_metadata_recursive: some changes failed
    E:error in/external_sd/lg/new folder/cm-11-20140724- -7)
    installation abort
    Please help

    • artas182x

      Do you use my recovery?

      • Niket Saini

        No actually i am a noob and i get this link from a google+ community so i tried my old method of recovery because i am not able to change file system.
        Can u help me please.
        Please give me step by step procedure.
        I know its little bit annoying to you but please help me out….

        • artas182x

          Everything is on cm11 page

          • Niket Saini

            i m stuck in omni rom and unable to instal twrp is there any method to install

          • Niket Saini

            Finally i install it..
            But now mob is not connecting to pc can u help now?

  • Niket Saini

    No actually i am a noob and i get this link from a google+ community so i tried my old method of recovery because i am not able to change file system.
    Can u help me please.
    Please give me step by step procedure.
    I know its little bit annoying to you but please help me out….

  • ViteK

    hi Artas, it would not have the stock ROM JB 4.1.2 FMRadio.apk to use your KitKat CM11? Quite often používaám FM radio, but now unfortunately I can not.

  • Niket Saini

    Another big problem when i want to go to recovery mode and after 2-3 try i was unable to go and after lg logo cyanogenmod logo appear.
    Now my fone is stuck in lg logo…
    please help
    this is not my fone its my bro. fone he will kill me :'(

    • artas182x

      Power+home+vol down you should be in recovery. If not press vol up when lg logo appears and flash other recovery with fastboot

  • GalacticMeadows

    After installing the new recovery (4.4.4), my phone is stuck at the LG logo. Any fix out there?

    • GalacticMeadows

      Fixed it

  • GalacticMeadows

    By the way, how do you flash with fastboot?

    • artas182x

      fastboot flash recovery (patch to recovery)

      • GalacticMeadows

        What do you mean? I can boot into fastboot, (the only thing I can boot into) but how do I control it? With a pc?

        • GalacticMeadows

          Fixed it

  • Niket Saini

    Installing any app take too much of time any solution?

  • Niket Saini

    when i change my rom to cm10.2 after installation it shows enter the password to decrypt data i think this is due to change in filesystem to f2fs.
    please help….

  • GalacticMeadows

    After the update to 4.4.4 my phone says it is charging, but it is not. It is stuck at 3 percent.Any fixes?

  • kamilq7042

    Sometimes when I charging battery phone don’t wake up. Then I musi take off battery and start phone.

    • vitek

      Same problem

  • vitek

    hi,GPS work not correct.GPS Fixer work not correct. Search any long time GPS sat. and found 0 sat.GPS dead.Pleas help my.My location is Czech republic

  • hamedbb

    Hi Boss
    when I was unlocking bootloader , there was an step :

    Step 3. Connect your phone to WiFi and make sure you are able to access the internet. Then leave your phone for 30 mins. This makes sure the device is ready to be unlocked.

    At that time I was not able to access the internet and I closed my eyes and skipped this step .

    now I have a lot of issues with WiFi ( specially with your ROM and MOKEE and MIUI ) .
    In MIUI I never could connect the internet and in yours and Mokee , in 1st boot it connects but next days , WiFi do not works .

    Any idea or patch or … ?

    • Israel Marrero

      if you skip Step 3, then your bootloader NEVER will be unlocked…

      This step is very very nessesary to unlock the bootloader.

  • rafalRafał

    U mnie występuje problem z wybudzaniem. Telefon wybudza się dopiero po paru kliknięciach.

  • Kumaran

    I have lg optimus L9 P765,
    I have your ROM files & also recovery files.
    Can anyone post the video link of how to do flashing custom ROM on my mobile one by one step.
    Please support to me, i like to use a custom ROM with more personalized .
    or if u have any sujestion can share ur experience of flashing ROM in LG L9 P765 on

  • Sergey

    Thanks for new version you ROM! OTA updates is amazing! But when I try to run antutu benchmark occured hang smartphone or kernel panic.It’s normal?
    Sorry for my bad english. I from Russia 😀 .

  • NexT

    the link isn’t good…instead of getting the 20140818 i get the 20140812..update the link please

  • hamedbb

    For update , which wipes I have to do ? Is Dalvik cache enough ?

    • artas182x

      Try cache

  • hamedbb

    just cache ?

  • ciccio

    Hi, OTA update get always md5 error with P760

  • Anonymous

    I thought OTA Updates are incremental updates. Its just like regular updates downloading the entire file.

    Dear Developer, are you planning to provide incremental flashable updates (just like mooke roms)? .

    • artas182x

      OTA Updates (Over-The-Air). It created to allow you easy updating your system without using browser/computer. It also notifies you automatically when update is avilable. It doesn’t mean you will get nightlies. I don’t update system regulary only when there are some tested changes in my code.

  • Trung Nghia

    This rom is good, bluetooth good than other 4.4.4 rom but Battery life not good, i feel it drain battery than stock rom when it on. I used power save profile and greenity

  • Andi

    I’m using the LG P760 with your CyanogenMod 11. After the bluetooth fix my bluetooth still doesn’t work.In addition mobile data access doesn’t work anymore. If I reboot my cell phone, it doesn’t find any mobile network. I have to select it manually via settings, than it works. Everything else works lika a charme.
    Does anyone have a hint? Could it be related to the firewall I am using (DroidWall )? But if I switch it off it still doesn’t work.

    • ISrael

      did you make the correct wipes before istall this rom,? and did You use the rigth Recovery for flash the rom? and did you formated System, Data, Cache and Dalvik partitions as F2FS???

  • Andi

    Yes I have done this for the installation of the rom. And everything worked fine. The problems arised after the update of the bluetooth fix.
    Now I have a bigger problem:
    I wanted to reboot in the recovery mode, to reinstall the update, but I have the problem that I cannot access to the recovery mode anymore (just in the fastboot mode )My cell phone doesn’t boot anymore to cyanogenmod, is there a reset possibility?

    • ISrael

      to enter in recovery mode. press vol down + home + power button at same time…

      If you can enter in fastboot mode… then reflash the recovery in this mode and try to enter in reocvery

  • Andi

    Thanks ISrael for your reply and help! I will give it a try. One more question: even if I can enter the fastboot mode, I think that it won’t work, because I didn’t have USB debugging activated, when the error occurs. My linux recognize with dmesg the phone but I can’t access via adb, even lg support tool doesn’t find it in a win7 virtual box (maybe because of virtualbox I have to check). Does I need a modified boot image, which has USB-debugging activated?Do you have one? But the image can only be saved on the microsd card, and therefore I don’t thing that this way works.

  • Andi

    thanks, everything is working now again. But I have still the problem thatI cannot use mobile dataand I have to select my operator manually.

    • artas182x

      Latest baseband needed!!!

  • Andi

    and bluetooth is still not working, although I have installed the update, but that are minor problems

  • tom

    Is there any way I can go back to stock ROM for P760?

    • artas182x

      Full wipe with ext4 and you can normally flash kdz or zip with stock

  • hueuqu

    Support p769 plzz .

  • Ilmaz

    Hi, how I can disable sound boost?(step by step)

    • artas182x

      It is disabled by default.

      • Ilmaz

        How to remove noise in the headphones ?in. 4.4.2 I haven’t this problem, but how I can fix it?

  • Ilmaz

    I don’t know why, but sound boost in my phone(p765) is able. In trickstermod app, sound boost=0.

  • sguerrini97

    Hi, what is “WFD” ?

    • artas182x

      It is app related to Miracast.

  • adhit

    why is my phone keep stuck in cyanogenmod logo? i did the step correctly. Please help me. thanks

    • Israel Marrero

      in TWRP you fotmated chache and dalvic as F2FS before flashing?

  • jzk

    Czy usunięcie wsparcia dla Miracast dezaktywowało również funkcję Screen Cast dla Chromecasta? Niestety w najnowszej wersji nie działą.
    – w poprzedniej bardzo szybko mi się bateria rozładowywała (maks 16 godzin), po przejściu na stokowy rom – 2 doby. Czy w nowym coś się zmieniło?
    – Rom jest szybki, dziękuje i pozdrawiam

    • artas182x

      Bateria na trybie oszczędnym trzyma dłużej niż na stocku. Co do chromecasta to została usunięta jedynie opcja z menu. Wszystkie sterowniki zostały zachowane. Wystarczy z xda pobrać enabler dla chromecasta i opcja będzie dostępna.

  • jzk

    Dziękuje za odpowiedź, a jak w takim razie przełączać tryby? Zmieniają się automatycznie? Niestety bateria gdzieś mi ucieka. Dziś zaktualizował mi się CM11 do werji 5 przez OTA – wszystko działa wyśmienicie. Dziękuje za info dotyczące chromecasta. Czy warto ruszać zarządców?

  • jzk

    ok, już znalazłem jak przełączać profile wydajności, testuje. pozdrawiam.

  • YCPr

    any custom kernel works for this rom?
    i tried you Experienced Kernel Universal, but its a no go

  • ruoks

    how to download recovery if i press img recovery its starts download rom,if i press zip recovery its agian starting download rom

  • ds

    Hi, i have and: twrp230714.img on py P760. Now i like to Flash your: but
    i can not got to the Recovery.
    I can reflash the twrp230714.img (fastboot), Power off.
    Hold: vol(-) + HOME + Power but did not open the Recovery.
    And now the Android did not start, see only the LG Logo nothing more happend. What can i do ? Thanks

    • Toomas Leppik

      Connected phone to PC. Installed Android SDK tools. Installed LG drivers. Reflashed twrp to CWM recovery using fastboot. Rebooted into CWM and installed twrp zip. Rebooted into twrp and updated rom.

  • Johny

    Great ROM, but I have a problem. It worked fine, but now WiFi stopped working. When I enter to WiFi option in settings I see only “turn on wifi”. Restart and plugging off battery don’t help…
    Moreover some GAPPS stopped working.
    What I should do?

  • Leszek

    Problem z wybieraniem ” w 2-gim etapie” Tzn. nr telefonu wybiera się ok, ale juz podczas połączenia z autoamtycznym biurem obsługi dubluje wciśnięcie niektórych przycisków: Wybieram 5
    na wyświetlaczu mam 5 a głos mówi automatu, że wybrałem kwote doładowania 55. Dotyczy to kwszystkich numerównie tylko 5. Co któreś wybranie ( może co 3,4) jest dublowane. W efekcie nie jestem w stanie doładować numeru na kartę.
    Podobnie z innymi autoamtycznymi biurami obsługi.
    Aktualnie to największy i najbardziej irytujący problem. Restart nie pomaga.

  • Ignacio Ramirez Riquelme

    radio fm??? :c

  • Aleksa123

    What is latest baseband for P760?

  • Zhie

    can you help me?

    • Israel Marrero

      Thats may be caused because your NAND/EPROM partitions has been altered.

      To solve it goto arta’s TWRP and format all your partitions to ext4, then put your L9 in “Download Mode” and using KDZ (Lg Tools) install Stock firmware. This process will repair your partition table.

      After this you can flash any custom rom as you wish

  • jovan

    where is the menu button? i need it.

  • jugg

    Yes I have done this for the installation of the rom. And everything worked fine. The problems arised after the update of the bluetooth fix.
    Now I have a bigger problem:

  • Javier González Velasco

    Thanks for your all updates!

  • Koloman Truhlíček

    yesterday i installed this rom to my L9 (it is my first touch with alternative ROMs) everything is mostly ok, but i have problem with every music player (ok I just test applolo, music play, vlc). Music stops playing randomly and in notification bar there is exclamation mark in triangle saying something like “Error play music – music track cannot be played”. What can i do?
    In your opinion don’t you think that the camera is a bit worse than in stock rom?

    • Koloman Truhlíček

      next bug, alarm clock doesn´t work properly. On my phone I use only 4
      features (calling, music player, alarmclock, internet) and 2 of them
      are broken 🙁

  • mrsillyman

    Odnośnie OTA, kiedy próbuje zainstalować update aplikacja zamyka się, muszę recznie restarować do recovery. Nie jset to duży problem aczkolwiek miłobybyło gdyby bład zniknął 🙂 Czy może to tylko w moim przypadku?

    Poza tym małym problemem jestem bardzo zadowolony, kawał dobrej roboty!

  • Dalius

    Hi. When i boot to TWRP, my touchscreen doesnt work :/ how i can back to normal recovery mode and install stock baltic rom (now i have old artas182x CM rom)? please write step by step, thank you.. 🙂

  • mrsillyman

    Możemy wypatrywać CM12 na nasze L9? 🙂

  • Alexey Iliin

    Hello! I can’t understand, why does this rom has no even a second of deep sleep? How can I fix it? I use it on P765

  • Toni Förster

    Hi Artur,

    I’ve installed the latest build and everything works fine except for one thing. When I connect my phone (p760) with my cars Bluetooth it does not disconnect when I leave my car. So it still thinks it is connected and when I receive a call I cannot hear the other person nor can she here me. So every time I leave my car I have to turn Bluetooth off to disconnect.

  • denny

    When my battery reaches 20% my phone goes crazy and I cannot turn on screen anymore…I got to see what happens: android.system.ui is interrupted. And it crashes again and again.Please fix this !!

    • Mirko

      Non so se hai risolto, ma è un bug della lingua italiana. Imposta inglese e si risolve! (c’è anche un zip flashabile che sostituisce la keyguard e sembra risolvere il problema, se ti serve fa’ un fischio)

  • Saša Grujičić

    ive just updated and i can boot just stuck at logo,iv used

    cwm to install update help please

  • Toomas Leppik

    Internal error: 1406 PREEMPT SMP

    Kernel panic – not syncing: Fatal exeption

  • Saša Grujičić

    ive just updated and i can boot just stuck at logo,iv used

    cwm to install update help please

    • Mirko

      I have same problem!! My phone is completely unusable!!

      • Saša Grujičić

        jesi ga sredio?

        • Mirko

          Sorry I didn’t understand!

          Btw, I solved my problem reflashing recovery with fastboot method.

          • t@M

            I have the same issue, I successfully install this ROM and I booted on cyanogenmod. Then I shut the phone down and I start it again. It’s stuck on the LG logo. No fastboot, no recovery mode, nothing. It seems bricked. No way to see nothing else that the LG logo, with all kind of key combinations I know…

          • Mirko

            I don’t have this phone anymore (it just broke without reason)

            But I suggest you to look at lelus script

            1) download the Zip from the post
            2) Read Readme and do as stated in the original thread

            in start.bat
            run “1” to get in fastboot.
            Than run fastboot in cmd.

            Go with cmd in fastboot folder and check with “fastboot devices” if fastboot works.
            than flash recovery ….after that, if it worked, you can also flash twrp through cwm.

          • t@M

            THanks. I have been able to recover starting in download mode (no battery, push volume up and connect the usb cable). Then I have been able to restore the default kdz using the LG Tool 2014.

            Anyway, I think there’s something broken on this ROM, pay attention!

  • cybertank378

    Still have kernel panic

    • Darko

      Me too 🙁

  • Marius Daškevičius

    great, kernel panic is not occuring anymore 🙂

  • Mateusz Zawierucha

    There is a bug. Snapchat is not detecting the rear camera. The front one works just fine

  • Alan Henriques

    Backlight on capacitive keys not working.

  • wing

    Why candy crush not working with this setup?…everything else just great..:)

  • Ben

    Can I flash the Twrp.img with the App Flashify and i don’t understand the step 7. What is meaning with flash fix?
    Thank you for your answer 🙂

  • Marc

    Can I flash the Twrp.img with the App Flashify and i don’t understand the step 7 what is meaning with flash fix?
    Thank you for your answer 🙂

  • Adam

    I flashed last release 27-10-2014 and I have a problem with clock. Very often clock stucks. Then alarm not working. When I wake up my phone, the clock is set correctly after few minutes (maybe resynchronized).

    • Filip Viruk Drab

      Yup, same here.

  • Kaszub

    Siema, czy twój kernel obsługuje swap? Rozszerzenie ramu z wykorzystaniem karty pamięci?

  • Ignacio Ramirez Riquelme

    cyanogenmod 12 for LG L9? o:

  • gawkie

    hello, i have a 2.7.11 twrp (not urs i used the exact same steps, however, each time i switch to f2fs and wipe data/cache, it says E: unable to load cache
    e:unable to load system

    e:unable to load data

    when i flash the rom, it doesnt flash and repeats the same error, which bricks my phone, i tried to install ur twrp on my fresh installed stock, doesnt work, keeps booting me to ur cwm 6.0.12, help?

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  • Pspeppe

    Sorry , but the Vibrating and The Silemced Mode don’t works….. in these mode the notification producs sound….
    How i can fix it?

  • Javier Ramirez

    Hello, GPS doesn’t work on 27.10.2014 release… even with GPS fix applied…
    Many Thanks for Your Work

  • Lisandro Raffin

    Hi! i have problems!

    Achieve install the room the 1er time. But I did not work the camera. Use the patch. Then I wanted to go into recovery mode and the phone stopped working. Using Flash Tool LG 2014 put the original kdz.
    Now turned to put the recovery of Arthas using the method lelus. But when you install the fix of the camera gives me error and then cm11 not start …. any ideas?

    If dont intall the pacht the same… CM11 dont load only lg icon…

    I do this… but dont work

    Flash my recovery

    Boot to TWRP

    Go to settings

    Check “Force data and cache wipe functions to use f2fs” and “Include system partition”

    Go to main menu and click wipe. Check cache (and data if you weren’t using cm11 f2fs from July or later versions before) and confirm

    Flash ROM

    Flash fix (if any)

    Flash Gapps (if you want)

    Reboot system now!

    Sorry for my English. Any ideas?

    • Lisandro Raffin

      Fixed! I formated again in ETX4 all partitions! Then again in f2fs and works!

  • Hiren

    Hi, I cannot find the fm radio function. Can you please check and fix this?

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  • Marco Kupferschmied

    After flashing twrp230714.img with fastboot the smarphone doesn’t start, i see only lg-logo

  • Venomous

    I have a problem in the version of 27.10.14. The camera stops working after a while.

  • Bartek

    Hello, please help me. How can i install Radio FM (offline) in Your CM 11 version (for LG L9)??

  • Giammy Gervasi

    perchè quando metto le cuffie, dopo qualche minuto si blocca la connessione e devo riavviare il cellulare ?

  • Игорь Марчук

    Which combination to press to enter the twrp? Help me.

  • Kamila

    Phone stuck on LG logo after flashing this rom, i cant enter twrp or fastboot mode, help me plz !

  • Bruno Inzunza

    Please… I Have texture errors on 3D games… some fix or patch for solution?!?! (Sorry for my english)

  • Bruno Inzunza

    Thanks Artas for the great rom…
    I have this issues:
    1.- No posibilities for create APN’s (Solved flashing this patch.
    2.- Texture problems on 3d games.

  • sukh vaidya

    I have LG Optimus L9 P769. I can’t find download for this model.
    Does this P760/P765 image works with this P769?

  • Davinder Singh

    (I love this rom because of the disabled emulated sdcard feature.)

    I wanted to ask few things from developer and user of this rom.

    > Is it necessary to use F2FS format , that way we cannot install another rom without changing format, would be nice if we work in ext4 format also.

    > OTA updater app keeps showing same 215 MB update again after installing

    > how much can we overclock it ? if put it above 800mHZ it gets kernel panic

  • pootie

    Bardzo sympatyczny ROM. W porównaniu z firmwarem wymiata, a z CM 12.1 wymiata

  • Sebastian Dario Reynoso

    my lg is a p778g, this rom, work for my phone?