CyanogenMod 11 for LG Optimus L9 – F2FS (4.4.4)

Hi. I built CyanogenMod 11 for LG P760/P765. It is stable for use, but there are some small bugs.

What’s working: Almost all!

What’s not working/has bugs:

  1. Tell me!

Kernel and rom features:

  1. Compiled with SaberMod 4.8 toolchain with JustArchi opt flags
  2. Ramhack 818Mb
  3. Better battery life
  4. OC to 1350 Mhz
  5. GPU OC to 384 Mhz
  6. Many tweaks
  7. Sound boost on headphones
  8. Updated screen driver
  9. Wifi Direct
  10. F2FS filesystem used by default
  11. GPS fixed (use app included in rom)
  12. Power saving mode (automatically enabled when needed)
  13. Black and white interface more kitkat (not blue and black like cm)
  14. Internal sd disabled
  15. Added BLN support (L9 BacklightMod app)
  16. Support for 5Ghz wifi
  17. OTA updates
  18. Support for f2fs, ExFat and NTFS filesystem
  19. Bluetooth Low Energy support
  20. Less battery drain by screen (lower screen refresh rate)
  21. Better multicore managing

What you need:

  1. LG P760/P765
  2. Unlocked bootloader
  3. My TWRP (only my supports f2fs), you can download it here.


  1. Flash my recovery
  2. Boot to TWRP
  3. Go to settings
  4. Check “Force data and cache wipe functions to use f2fs” and “Include system partition”
  5. Go to main menu and click wipe. Check cache (and data if you weren’t using cm11 f2fs from July or later versions before) and confirm
  6. Flash ROM
  7. Flash fix (if any)
  8. Flash Gapps (if you want)
  9. Reboot system now!




CM11 (27.10.2014):

TWRP Recovery:
Flashable TWRP (Thanks to Nasheich Xfiles) :

Optional links:
Camera Patch for P768 (Thanks to Puntoazul)
Gapps without Google bloatware (reported to be stable):

IRS Starter Pack:


All github repositories:

What to do if your GPS doesn’t work:

  1. Make sure you are using mobile network connection (not WIFI)
  2. Go to GPS Fixer app
  3. Click delete all gps data/configs
  4. Go to Download LTO nad click Download LTO
  5. Go back to main menu
  6. Click restart GPS module
  7. That’s all

About sound boost

Use trickstermod app to control soundboost

About OTA updates

Now next rom versions can be updated through updater in Settings->About phone->Cyanogenmod Updates. Updater app is written by


ViPER520,zhuhang (Viper4Android)
dhiru1602 (Fixing bugs with 1080p recording, bluetooth low energy support)
JustArchi (Compiler flags)



  1. Fixed kernel panics (reverted frequency table)
  2. Updated SaberMod Toolchain
  3. Synced with latest sources from cm-11.0/stable branch



  1. Better multicore handling (Intelliplug, Intellidemand governor)
  2. Better performance and battery life
  3. Removed performance profiles (now Intellidemand detects if you need more performance or battery life). Overclocking can be handled by ex. Trickster mod
  4. Next try to fix Miracast (please try to use it in display settings)
  5. Better memory and multitasking tweaks
  6. Fixed OTA Updater (this ROM must be updated manually)
  7. Optimized screen timings
  8. NEW! Fixed kernel panic



  1. Optimized power profiles (power saving and balanced uses hotplug governor)
  2. ROM is synced with latest CyanogenMod 11 stable sources
  3. Fixed ADB problem on Windows
  4. Screen now uses less power (lower screen refresh rate)



  1. Fixed deep sleep problems when using Bluetooth (thank you dhiru1602)
  2. Compiled with new version of SaberMod Toolchain
  3. Synced with CM sources
  4. Fixed and updated OTA Updater
  5. Fix bug in CM code that Miracast option would stay in Settings even when it was disabled



  1. Remove Miracast – it wasn’t working
  2. Include latest GPS Fixer app (GPS is very fast now)
  3. Powersave and Balanced power profile is optimized
  4. Sync with CM sources



  1. Fix bluetooth
  2. Fix bug: L9 can’t go to deepsleep when bluetooth is enabled
  3. Replaced DSP Manager with Viper4Android installer
  4. Sync with latest cm code


  1. Lower ramhack – no more camera problems
  2. Try to fix dead sleeps. Beta testers reported to be good now
  3. Sync with the latest cm code
  4. Introduce CM performance profiles instead l9tweaker
  5. Sound boost now optional – use trickster mod
  6. Better battery life (4h 30 min screen turned on)



  1. Completly rebased everything
  2. Compiled with SaberMod 4.8 toolchain with JustArchi opt flags
  3. 1080p recording working
  4. Longer battery life
  5. Added my own apps (L9Tweaker, GPS Fixer, L9 BacklightMod, L9 UMS Switcher)
  6. Fixed wifi direct, 5Ghz support and Miracast (untested)
  7. Sound boost other way
  8. Added battery saving option in kernel and app in Performance settings
  9. OTA updater support
  10. New drivers for SGX, camera, gps and wifi
  11. Push volume up at boot to boot to fastboo feature
  12. Updated to android 4.4.4 – lastest cm code
  13. Support for f2fs, exfat and ntfs filesystem
  14. New tweaks for better performance
  15. More stable code
  16. Fixex for Bluetooth
  17. Undervolt by smartreflex module (now our uv isn’t recalibrated, because we are changing voltage after calibration)


Fix: Removed smartreflex, changed voltages – no kernel panic


  1. Removed trickster mod. Added my own app “Kernel settings”. Ability to disable 2nd core.
  2. Updated screen driver, ability to change colors between amoled mode and nature mode
  3. Many fixes to kernel, new cpu freq steps
  4. Less battery drain
  5. Fixes to ril (need to test)
  6. Some gps fixes
  7. Frandom enabled by default
  8. Removed wifi direct
  9. Some audio fixes
  10. More backports in kernel
  11. Added other tweaks
  12. Many other fixes. I can’t remember everything 🙂
  13. On bootup and/or when changing screen colors in my app screen goes blank. You need only to lock device and unlock it again.



  1. New kernel (more stable)
  2. GPU OC reduced to 384 Mhz and CPU OC to 1350 Mhz
  3. Asynchronous fsync from HTC One and many other tweaks in kernel
  4. Added wifi display for tests (propably not working)
  5. Ril files from lastest stock rom (fixed issues with 3g signal)
  6. Ramhack reduced to 840 Mb for stability
  7. New governors (i reccomend dyninteractive)
  8. Sync with CM source tree + own patches
  9. More stability, better battery life, less lags
  10. Added frandom – more performance – how to enable(script or terminal):



  1. Some bluetooth fixes (need to test)
  2. Updated cm source
  3. Some sdcard mounting issues fixes
  4. UMS now works. You must select ums and then reboot with disabled debugging
  5. Update before next big version
  6. Updated wifi configs

Fix: moving to sd and app data on sd fixed


  1. Fixed screenshot preview
  2. Disabled internal sd
  3. New kernel (see kernel features)
  4. OC interface (apk)
  5. Black and white ui (not blue like Jelly Bean)
  6. Synced with cm repos (Android 4.4.2)