CyanogenMod 11 for LG Optimus L9 – 18.08.2014



  1. Fix bluetooth
  2. Fix bug: L9 can't go to deepsleep when bluetooth is enabled
  3. Replaced DSP Manager with Viper4Android installer
  4. Sync with latest cm code


  • ViteK

    Hi Artas. Your upload :
    CM11 (18.08.2014):

    but retreats ver. file 0812, no 0818.

    • ViteK

      Is OK, thanks you

  • Pavel

    Very good work,new implementation VIPER4Android FX sound mod full controls sound at internet FM radio !!! Thanks you

  • Pavel

    Hello Artas182x. I can switch from Dalvik runtime on ART? It will make a difference? Thanks

  • jaad34

    I installed yesterday the update and working perfectly …. (P760)

    • jaad34

      I have only one problem.

      When I enable UMS, my PC does not detect my L9. In MTP no problem.

      I have installed Windows 8.1.

  • APStutor

    When I let OTA Updater install the updates, it’s always the same problem: Download: OK. Reboot to recovery and flash zip automatically: OK. Then reboot to system: Stuck at the cyanogenmod boot screen ;( Because of that I always have to flash it manually, can you fix that?

    • Admir

      i have the same problem!

  • Raflixxx

    Mam problem z zasięgiem jak go zgubie to telefon nie potrafi go ponownie złapać. Może to tylko u mnie? Czy może u kogos ten mankament występuje.

  • vins

    Fantastic work. Please get bavk color satturation.

  • x.wolverine.x

    Every time when I try to update over OTA, it boots to TWRP but it only wipe the cache, an starts then back up to CM, It’s to fast to do anything in TWRP. Any idea? Or does I have to flash manually? If so, what Settings does I have to make in TWRP, the same then for the initial flash? I don’t want to configure everything again.

    • artas182x

      Don’t check wipe cache

  • p769

    can u built for p769 .plzzz

  • Adrien

    I have the same problem than x.wolverine.x. I have try ART but when the phone reboot it block on boot animation.
    Otherwise all works very well, good job. I love L9 backlight, i have search a long time an app to do this and you did it !

  • ziofred

    The app Retrica does not work and the camera has sometimes crashes when you click several times faster. Resolve and this rom is perfect 😉

  • Trung Nghia

    I feel this rom drain battery if it on, but when it of is very very good

  • x.wolverine.x

    Update done, thx artas.
    But I have some strange problems with the ROM.

    I use the Google Now Launcher.
    Some but not all Icon’s diapered randomly from the screen.
    Phone and SMS functionally does not work, only after a reboot it works for a while. Does anyone have a Idea?

  • Adrien

    I have another problem to play music with .flac extension. The music start and after 10-15 seconds the music stop and restart few second and later and re-stop…
    I have tried with Apollo and Player Pro and it is the same problem.

    • artas182x

      I’m listening flac music and it works great with Apollo.

      • Adrien

        Excuse me, I have try another song and it works. It’s strange because I can play it on my PC.

  • thanxfullUser

    Hi Artur,

    I’m not shure where to post bugs. So here is my bugrepoprting for bluetooth: I dont know what you mean with Bluetooth fixed. Checked it and basically it seems to work for me, all I did was working. Then I found a bug. When I paired L9 with car headless phone system, the pairing process works well, but phonebook does not get downloaded by car from the phone. Car system could read latest phone call list from L9, and I can makre an receive calls by paired car bluetooth system, but car cannot access contacts in my L9 adress book. I checked L9 settings –> apps –> running –> Bluetooth share. There it says, that Bluetooth PBAP service/profile is started and running. But as said, the car cannot connect using the bluetooth pbap profile and use the smartphones adress book. So I installed a little app from play store to check the available profiles. An it says, that the pdba bluetooth profile is not available. I googled around for a known bluetooth pbap profile problem in CM11, but could not find any related bugreports to CM11. So I thought it could be a bug in your (excellent) rom an posted it here. Maybe you can fix this issue 😉

  • Saulius

    Won’t work mobile data on LG L9 P760. Connects to the Internet, but do not get the same data.

  • kacesk

    sometimes it is not me in the morning alarm clock, stop the time

    • Ripsaw

      true, alarm clock freeze, no sound only screen witch cant be turned off.

      • evg

        My alarm clock works fine, sound and vibration is present, that detects pressure. lg 768

  • Miguel angel

    Porque No Se Conecta A WiFi ?
    Pongo La Contraseña Y Nadamas Dice Guardado!! xC

    • Miguel angel

      Porque no Puedo Conectarme A WiFi ?
      Pongo La Contraseña Y Nada más Aparece Guardado !! xC