CM11 Kernel Panic fixed

Sorry for Kernel Panic in latest build for some of us. Now it’s tested and working. Please download new version:


  • yaroszek

    Kernel panic wheen i tried to unlock screen.

  • John Smith

    Still kernel panic…
    Internal error: 1406 PREEMPT SMP …. from (omap_sr_enable)
    something wrong with entering idle…

  • Sergey

    Still kernel panic…
    Please fix this.

  • luismanson

    Hi, after the update the phone will not wake up when I play music with apollo, at first im able to wake the device, but after some time music is still playing, yet the device will not wake, not even plugging the USB :

  • Toomas Leppik

    Wiped all, installed ROM, rebooted, installed gapps.
    Kernel Panic again – not syncing: Attempted to kill init!
    Log is here:

  • brait

    still kernel panic, what’s wrong with this version? when we can expect update ?