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CyanogenMod 11 Update – 26.10.2014

Changelog: 26-10-2014 Better multicore handling (Intelliplug, Intellidemand governor) Better performance and battery life Removed performance profiles (now Intellidemand detects if you need more performance or battery life). Overclocking can be handled by ex. Trickster mod Next try to fix Miracast (please try to use it in display settings) Better memory and multitasking tweaks Fixed OTA

MIUI V5 for L9 alpha

This is for developers. This is working MIUI V5, but camera isn’t working. If you want to fix it or port own rom using this base you can start here.

New build of CyanogenMod 11 for LG Optimus L9

Changelog: Optimized power profiles (power saving and balanced uses hotplug governor) ROM is synced with latest CyanogenMod 11 stable sources Fixed ADB problem on Windows Screen now uses less power (lower screen refresh rate) Download

New CM 11 build again!

Changelog: 13-09-2014 Fixed deep sleep problems when using Bluetooth (thank you dhiru1602) Compiled with new version of SaberMod Toolchain Synced with CM sources Fixed and updated OTA Updater Fix bug in CM code that Miracast option would stay in Settings even when it was disabled Download here!

New CyanogenMod 11 build

Changelog: 12-09-2014 Remove Miracast – it wasn’t working Include latest GPS Fixer app (GPS is very fast now) Powersave and Balanced power profile is optimized Sync with CM sources Download here!    

New CM 11 build – 12.08.2014

Changelog: 12-08-2014 Lower ramhack – no more camera problems Try to fix dead sleeps. Beta testers reported to be good now Sync with the latest cm code Introduce CM performance profiles instead l9tweaker Sound boost now optional – use trickster mod Better battery life (4h 30 min screen turned on) Download: CyanogenMod 11 for LG

L9 wiki!

Hello! I set up wiki for our L9. Please join this project. I want to create a huge knowledge base for L9.

Added fix for CM11

I added fix which removes smartreflex and changes voltages. Download from: