New CWM-based recovery for L9

Hi, I present you CWM-based Recovery 6.x (tested now 😉 ) from my modified device tree. This recovery is stable for use. In this version i fixed some bugs and added more features.

Recovery tested on: P760 (should work also on P765, not tested)

Changes in the recovery from L9 CyanogenMod tree:

  1. Fixed ADB
  2. Added SD-EXT support
  3. Now external_sd is default storage in recovery (internal also works)
  4. Ported USB storage mounting!!!
  5. Some visual changes
  6. External SD is default storage


  1. LG L9 (P760, should work also on P765, but not tested)
  2. ADB and fastboot installed
  3. ADB and fastboot drivers installed
  4. Unlocked bl

Download (

Installation (make sure you have adb/fastboot and drivers installed):

  1. Connect phone to computer in adb mode
  2. Go to terminal or command line and type adb reboot oem-unlock
  3. Now phone should be in fastboot mode
  4. Type fastboot flash recovery path_to_downloaded_recovery_image

Booting to recovery:

  1. Turn off phone
  2. Turn on phone and quickly hold vol down and home button
  3. You can also type adb reboot recovery if you are using computer or reboot recovery (before su of course) if you are using android terminal emulator

Sources: and (cm-10.1-cwm branches)

  • Stein

    So ive got my lg l9 p769 rooted, as far as i know the boot locker isnt unlocked and i am not able to get it unlocked (had no success so far) and when i typed the command into the terminal emu on my device it rebooted the phone but thats all it did was reboot. it did not reboot into fastboot. I dont know what im doing wrong so maybe u can help me.

  • BajoPrimate

    Thank you very much, you’ve made a wonderful work.
    Cheers. Good luck.
    Have a very good life.

  • madheado

    What if I install it in another way? With the help of

  • anonymous

    Hello artas.
    Your CWM-based recovery deletes the contents of /data/media when doing a wipe data/factory reset. This is not good as it deletes the internal sd contents.

    Can u pls fix it…?

    • artas182x

      My roms and recoveries support only ext sd.

  • Pl00

    Hi! I’ve got a question. After install this recovery I’ve got “warning: no file_contexts”, when I’m in recovery. Is it a big problem? Can I install custom rom with this warning?


    Cześć! Mam pewien problem. Po instalacji recovery mam komunikat “warning: no file_contexts” podczas przebywania w nim. To jakiś duży problem? Mogę instalować normalnie custom rom z tym ostrzeżeniem?

    • artas182x

      It’s not problem. You can use recovery normally

  • Rajan Panchal

    I have just rooted my phone. now I want to install CWM recovery what should I do now?