Tweak pack

Don’t use it if you are using old tweak pack. Use it on system without any tweaks.


I want to show you some tweaks. Here are list of them:

-Faster booting
-Faster 3G and Wifi
-Increased photo and video recording quality
-Battery saving
-Force GPU Rendering on 2d Operations
-HA tweaks
-UI speed tweaks
-Touchscreen tweaks
-Better Responsivenes
-Streaming tweaks
-Disables data send
-Fix some appliaction issues
-Disabled some LG services
-Sqlite databases
-Apks tweaks (faster)
-Sdcard tweaks
-Ram tweaks
-UMS support

I tested it on v20d, but it should work on other stock roms (ics, jb, i think also cm and other smartphones/tablets). I’m testing it for few days and I haven’t noticed any problems.

UMS instead MTP:
In this rom you can use UMS instead MTP. Go to terminal emulator (download from google play) type su and then ums (if you want to run ums mode once) and umsb (if you want to run ums also at boot, pernament). “umsbd” deletes ums at boot. UMS mode works only for external_sd.


  1. Root 🙂
  2. Recovery for installing it
  3. Busybox installed
  4. Init.d support installed (or included in custom kernel)

If you want to support me use links. Thank you.





  1. I think i fixed wifi 🙂


  1. Many new/deleted/improved tweaks (I don’t remember all of this changes)
  2. UMS support added
  3. Changed name from L9 Tweak pack to Tweak pack, because It should work on other devices

If you want to get better performance use my tweak pack with custom kernel.