L9 Bootstrap Recovery (ICS/JB/LOCKED BL)

Hi, I present you CWM Recovery 6 with easy apk installer for LG L9 (For now tested P760 and P765). It has few bugs but This recovery is stable for use. Now It supports JellyBean and other roms.

Recovery tested on: P760, P765, P768 (on other variants recovery also should work)

If you have unlocked bootloader use this better recovery:http://forum.xda-developers.com/show….php?t=2196493 

What is working:

  1. Backup and Restore
  2. Installing zip
  3. ADB
  4. All partitions are mounted
  5. Internal SD Card fully working!
  6. Charging
  7. SD-EXT partition (only ext3)

What isn’t working:

  1. External and Internal SD USB Mount (can’t be fixed because recovery don’t allow to mount mtp, copy files through adb or use this app to copy: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show….php?t=1057059)


  1. LG L9
  2. Root
  3. Correct busybox

If you want to support me use adf.ly links. Thank you.

Download ( http://www.mediafire.com/?m6nn42e6jw6ybfw

Reupload (dev host): http://d-h.st/IG5

No adfly links:

Reupload (dev host): http://d-h.st/IG5


  1. Download and Install apk
  2. Run L9 Recovery Installer
  3. Press Install/Update Recovery
  4. Press CWM ICS/JB (Stable)
  5. Click Yes, Install Recovery
  6. Done

Recovery can be updated on older version normally through Install/Update Recovery

Booting to recovery:

  1. Turn off phone
  2. Turn on, when LG logo appears and leds will be blinking press and hold vol down button
  3. You are in recovery 
  4. You can also use option in CWM installer to reboot to CWM

Video of installing and booting to recovery: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NCO_I2TgowE

Removing recovery:

  1. Delete /system/bootstrap directory
  2. Delete /system/bin/e2fck
  3. Rename /system/bin/e2fck.bin to e2fck
  4. Done!

Thanks to: 
milaq – for the CWM Installer for Prada. I was based on this recovery.

About SD-EXT support
I added support for sd-ext partition. For now only ext3 partition works. To use compatible with my recovery sd-ext parition I reccomend to partition sd card usung Advanced>Partition SD Card in my recovery. All data will be deleted! After this paritioning sd-ext works with my recovery and Link2SD. If you partition SD Card in recovery don’t try to create swap partition, because we haven’t got support for swap.


  1. Support for Jellybean and other roms

  1. Stable SD-EXT (ext3) support
  2. Fixed ADB, now working correctly
  3. Changed some text to make installer cleaner

  1. Changes only to test version
  2. SD-EXT support, but it is still in testing. See Notes above changelog, because sd-ext don’t work in 100% (you must partition sd card with recovery)

  1. All bugs fixed
  2. Can’t still mount Internal and External SD because can’t mount in recovery through MTP, please copy files through adb or use this app to copy: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show….php?t=1057059)

  1. Fixed Internal SD
  2. Some texts in apk changed

Q: How to install and use this?
A: Everything wrote in this theard.

Q: What is CWM?
A: Here it is: http://forum.xda-developers.com/wiki…rkMod_Recovery

Q: When I do Backup in CWM and check backup folder size i see size about 20 mb, my backup should be about 1 GB?
A: Don’t worry. CWM since 6 version use diffrent backup format. CWM don’t store everything in backup directory, It uses diffrent directories and backup structute. Everything is OK!

Q: I installed CWM and it don’t boot.
A: Check if You propely installed this CWM, nad check if you propely boot to recovery. Maybe you tried to install other recovery? If It still doesn’t work reflash firmware with KDZ (http://forum.xda-developers.com/show….php?t=2085344), and try to install on clean, rooted rom.

  • gianmarcus

    it doesn’t work with JB

    • artas182x

      It was confimed by many users on xda it works on jb. You must do something wrong.

  • guest2011

    My phone is P769 ICS 10g rooted locked BL. Installing is very slow and then when i’m asked to reboot into recovery its stuck and i need to shut down manually. When reboot press vol down when leds light up > get into safe mode, not CWM.

  • nh4Rdz

    thanks! works perfectly on my p768 20a

  • Henry

    My Phone is P769 V10G, ICS, it’s already Rooted, locked BL, but I can’t “Install/Update Recovery”
    I got this error, I followed every step…

    Ooops, something went wrong 🙁

    Error running exec(). Command: [su, -c,. /data/data/pl.artas182x.android.19.recovery/files/surunner.sh]
    Working Directory: null Enviroment: null

    –Excuse my english writting please…

    • Ankush

      This could be an issue with you root permissions.

  • artas182x

    Busybox installed, su correctly installed? You can try also to clear application data.

  • aghoy d. ace

    hey artas….
    are u have recovery TWRP for L9 ?

    if not. i’m request please…

  • dat20

    Since the unlocked bootloader recovery you linked to isn’t fully functional, is this the cwm recovery that we should use? I do have an unlocked bootloader

  • hey hai this is ashok , i have lg optimus l9 p768 with rooted, unlocked bootloader and also cwm , but i cant find custom roms any wheere please prepare one custom rom , or atleast one stock rom with more features

    • Amr Labib

      how did u unlock the bootloader

  • I do accept as true with all the concepts you’ve presented in your post. They’re
    very convincing and can definitely work. Still, the posts are too short for
    starters. May just you please lengthen them a little from next time?
    Thanks for the post.

  • artas182x

    I don’t understand you. There are all informations about bootsrap recovery.

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  • Break19

    Well, I found a pretty easy way to root my LG P769…. Using LGpwn. But I haven’t yet unlocked the boot loader. My PC needs a new video card, so I can’t do anything about that yet.

    But, with a locked bootloader and rooted phone, plus this recovery app, what, exactly, can I do about restoring the stock firmware via your recovery app?

    Or any other firmware?

    I’ve manage to break google play store, and have tried everything to fix it.

    FYI, the LGpwn was able to root the very latest v20 stock firmware just fine, and it is a simple app to install. Google will bring the proper results.

    • artas182x

      You can flash stock roms and roms for locked bl only.

  • James

    How do i download ? Every time i click the link i just go to adf.ly

    • artas182x

      Open link, wait 5 seconds and click skip ad.

  • Justin

    The link isn’t going past adfly. The timer never starts.

    • artas182x

      Sonething is wrong with your browser. For me it works now.

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  • Nidal

    would you please emai me the cwm installer The links are down.I have the and it is working on JB but slugish.

  • Nidal

    Thank you for the link

  • Matt von Oz

    I’m still trying to understand exactly what I can and can’t do if I install this…

    What I want to do is to get rid of all my T-Mobile stuff! I have a T-Mobile branded P769 with all the crap that comes along with it. What I would like to do is to just install a stock, unbranded ROM.

    Mostly, I am trying to get native WiFi tethering to work. I am hoping this might be my first step in that direction, because everything else so far has failed.

    Will I be able to install a stock, unbranded P769 ROM with this?

    • artas182x

      If you have cwm backup of ghis, you can flash it.

  • Sean

    Hi, I flashed this recovery but I don’t see the option to partition my sd card. It’s not under “advanced” and the recovery version I have is

    • artas182x

      I know about this issue.

  • Trauma

    I have followed the steps on unlocking my bootloader. I have flashed the v20b kdz and installed the recovery. everytime I click reboot into recovery it just reboots. the volume down on boot does not work either.

    • Amr Labib

      same happen with me, where is the secret behind that

  • Trauma

    ok i got it working but now after flashing the radio it sits on encrypting after it reboots.

    • artas182x

      Sorry, but i can’t help you. Ask on XDA. On this website i’m supporting only my projects.

  • Tom

    Can You please make that apk installer but with cwm recovery (or latest)?

    • artas182x

      Now working on kernel.

      • Tom

        When You finnish kernel please keep in mind updating that instaler with a new recovery version 🙂

  • Harvey

    Hey Ahmm My got bricked and when the boot is done there is a message saying phone is responding please help me .. and there is also a reset button but have done nothing

  • The Donn

    Good Day, i have an LG Optimus P970 – flashed to smart flash tool with official rom ICS 4.0.4, Rooted, but after i install ROM MANAGER from play store, update the recovery, use the restart to recovery, after the phone was restarted, it give me the “security Error”. so what i had to do is flash my phone again to SFT with the official ROM V30C_00 android ICS 4.0.4 for LG p970. any help or idea on how could i have a recovery mode because i want to install the CM 10.0. Thanks, sorry for the bad english 🙂

  • Deedo

    Dude Im literally pissed….not at you but at this damn phone, I tried every F***ing thing you can think of and im still not able to unlock this F***ing bootloader or boot into recovery mode or something. Im trying to see if I can either partition my SD card or just Install Cyanogenmod into this phone but it seems like nothing is working….I have a P769 its rooted at least I was able to do that through some Chinese written program I found on XDA. it was piece of cake. If you can help me out by sending me a couple of tips maybe there something I missed but I doubt it man, I f***ing hate this phone.

    • Howard

      My prob is same as deedo’s,I have a lg l9 p769,tmo,pos,,,lol,I got it rooted ,but thats it,Ive done it all to try and unlock the F@(&ing bootloader,and nothing,and ,,unable to flash a recovery,so what gives,HELP,,,,

  • victor

    thanks!!!! it is work for L9 android stock JB, locked bootloader, rooted

  • PV

    Hello Artur, and thankyou very much for your work.
    It worked fine in my P760 locked and modified by my fucking operator.
    Thanks to you I could be free and install CM.

    How could I support you? I want to invite you a beer (or a couple! )

    • artas182x

      Use adf.ly links if you want 🙂

  • Jchilds

    Hello. I have LG L9 P769BK. Rooted using LGPwn.apk. Installed your recovery here. Phone booted and ran fine overnight. The next day, after reboot to phone, not recovery, it says “encrypting”. And message says “Sorry! Unfortunately, the process com.android.phone has stopped.” Any ideas?

  • dasyad00

    Thank you SOOO much for the app. I used this on my P768. Works PERFECTLY! Makes users who have L9 SOOO much easier. Just a few questions:

    1) Will it brick my phone if I used the ROM manager to update CWM from the Play Store to update?
    2) I have heard that you need to unlock the bootloader to install CyanogenMod?
    If so:
    2.1) Can CWM unlock bootloader? (I AM DYING TO INSTALL CYANOGEN MOD!!!)

  • to

    Installation seems to go fine (rooted using LWPwn,V20H), though neither boot into, not Volume down works (goes into secure mode instead). Any clue ?

    BL unlocking doesn´t work either on that phone ?!

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  • VeeMee

    Hi, I installed L9RecoveryInstaller_1.5.0.apk on a MetroPCS LGMS769 P769 and chose to install CWM ICS/JB (stable). However there is no way to boot into recovery. Volume down button during boot does not work and neither does Reboot to Recovery option from L9 Recovery Installer app.

  • VeeMee

    Oh now its working! I had installed Busybox but forgot to actually run the Smart Install. Everything works now. Thanks!

  • Richárd Lengyel

    Can I update this recovery to a more recent one, which I can install CM11?
    I have a locked bootloader, and it’s not unlockable

  • Rupesh Khandekar

    Can you provide me the recovery file outside apk. I need as post CM13 installation i am not able to boot to recovery.