ExperiencedStock Finalrelease

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Hi again,

My final ExperiencedStock  finished, so I can publish this final build. This rom was optimised to have good performance, but not drain battery. I worked at this rom for weeks and I have succesfully done it. This rom is based on official v20c from LG. It was tested only on P760 variant. You must have unlocked bootloader.

Targets of this rom:
-more performance
-battery consumpcion to minimum

Thanks to:
sguerrini97 for kernel

mateo1111 for black stausbar

ACI!D Team for AC!D audio engine

Rom features:
-New themes to choose from themes menu (Prada, xperia, see on screenshots)
-Performance boost
-Jellybean 4.2 wallpapers included
-Many tweaks (sd card, touchscreen, performance, battery, ram, camera, database, multitasking)
-Fast booting
-XPERIA 4.1.2 keyboard
-Removed LG stock keyboard (If you want, you can download zip to install, in this theard)
-Removed some LG apps (QSlide apps not deleted also gallery)
-Black statusbar
-Battery consumpcion
-Better sound (Ac!d v5, Walkman player with ClearAudio+)
-Improved Reading and writing Sd
-Improved sensitivity of screen
-Improved data rate, 3G, Wifi
-Apks zipaligned
-Performace profiles (powersave, optimal, performance, midperformance, maxperformance)
-kernel from sguerrini97
-UMS mounting (once and at boot)

To do:



  1. Performance profiles and powersaving: http://artasnotebook.you2.pl/?page_id=80


UMS instead MTP:
In this rom you can use UMS instead MTP. Go to terminal emulator (download from google play) type su and then ums (if you want to run ums mode once) and umsb (if you want to run ums also at boot, pernament). “umsbd” deletes ums at boot. UMS mode works only for external_sd.

DISABLE/ENABLE Media scan at boot (default enabled):

Some people asked me about disabling media scan at boot so i published it.


Type in terminal emulator or adb shell:

pm enable com.android.providers.media/com.android.providers.media.MediaScannerReceiver


Type in terminal emulator od adb shell:

pm disable com.android.providers.media/com.android.providers.media.MediaScannerReceiver

Screenshots: artasnotebook.you2.pl/?page_id=62

Download: http://artasnotebook.you2.pl/?page_id=71

More apps (LG Stock keyboard, FileShare, SmartShare, LG World Clock Widget, LG Music Player): http://artasnotebook.you2.pl/?page_id=75


1.0 Final:

-Many new tweaks
-More stable
-Ac!d v5, walkman, clear audio+
-Performance profiles
-Fixed wifi bug
-Jellybean 4.2 wallpapers
-Removed LG Music Player (included in zip with additional apps)
-Updated apps
-UMS mode included (MTP also works)


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