Battery saving tips and performance profiles

This rom has set cpu frequency to 999 MHz. . If you aren’t playing games too much,that’s good cpu frequency for you. If you will play games you must use my cpu control scripts included in rom. DON’T USE OTHER CPU CONTROL APPS.

About performance profiles:
This rom isn’t compatible with cpu control apps, but i created own easier cpu controller. You need only to type profile name in termianl or adb shell (remember about su). You can also set profile at boot. You can type profhelp for help about profiles.
Here is help output (profhelp):
Here is list of performance profiles that you can choose
If you want to select one of them type its name (remember about su before)
optimal (recomended) freq-999 MHz governor-sanjose io-sched-sio (internet, some games)
optimalb – the same as above, but also starts at boot
powersave freq-666 MHz governor-ondemand io-sched-sio (internet, textmessages)
powersaveb – the same as above, but also starts at boot
performance freq-1.1 GHz governor-sanjose io-sched-sio (much games etc.)
performanceb – the same as above, but also starts at boot
midperformance freq-1.2 GHz governor-hotplug io-sched-sio (almost all games)
midperformanceb – the same as above, but also starts at boot
maxperformance freq-1.3 GHz governor-hotplug io-sched-sio (games on high settings)
maxperformanceb – the same as above, but also starts at boot

Now about power saving. Check if your mobile operator supports fast dormancy. If yes you can skip this tutorial, but if not you can reduce battery drining. You must follow this steps:

  1. Open terminal emulator (on phone) or adb shell (on computer)
  2. Type:
    # sqlite3 /data/data/
    update dcm_settings set fastdormancy=”0″ where numeric=”310410″;
    # reboot
  3. Reboot phone
  4. For me it works!

  • johm

    sqlite3 /data/data/
    update dcm_settings set fastdormancy=”0″ where numeric=”310410″;

    doesn’t work for me. Error: too many option. sqlite is last version.

  • johm

    Don’t worry, i used sqlite editor.

  • artas182x

    Sqlite is included in rom – don’t need to install
    UPDATED some lines, now it should work

  • Somebody

    Can i use this battery tips in stock rom?

  • Hermann

    Video ? Or screens ?

  • Somebody

    How can i modify profiles in system/xbin??
    What i have to change? Just the name of the governor and the scheduler?

  • Viktor

    Hello Artas182!!!

    I use the software you created: LG Optimus L9 P760 Experienced v20C by Artas182x.

    Very cool. Thanks for that. CPU control works very well!!!

    I had to replace the boot animation.

    I think you’ve written a script somewhere, because none of Bootchanger not replaced the animation.

    I changed the close-animation smoothly.

    Can you help me?

    How can I replace the opening animation?

    Thank you in advance for your help, Victor

    • artas182x

      I removed bootanimation at boot, you must delete line in build.prop (you can find it in google)

  • Viktor


  • Viktor

    Good morning Artas182x!

    Please tell me:

    This line to clear in build.prop:

    # No boot animation – faster boot


    Or just change the number to zero?

    Is there anything else you need to do to get back to boot animation?

    Lotsathanks! Viktor

    • artas182x

      Delete line and bootanimation should work.

  • Viktor

    Thank you again friend! Your work is very nice! And you are particularly helpful. Tahnx-Thanx-Thanx!

  • Viktor

    …and of course it works!

    If I copy this line back, I can use it to disable the bootanimtion again?

    • artas182x

      Of course yes

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  • Jakub

    Hello artas182x

    i have question about LG Optimus L9 Theme Kitchen v1.2 its on XDA but when i change my status bar it always goes wrong pls can u help?

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  • Davinder

    How can one increase wifi tx power on lg optimus L9 ?
    I have tried wifi tx app from playstore also copied ‘iwconfig’ into system/xbin

    It did not work .
    What I can I do yo increase wifi signal reception on l9 ?