Additional applications

Some users noticed in pool and comments that they want some apps from stock LG which I removed, so I decided to make a package for apps

-First package includes FileShare, SmartShare, LG World Clock Widget, LG Stock Music Player (you can select what do you want to install after installing in reccovery):

  1. Download
  2. Install package in recovery
  3. Reboot to system
  4. After rebooting open “Application Manager” from app list
  5. Select apps which do you want to install

-Second package includes only LG Stock keyboard:

  1. Download:
  2. Install package in recovery
  3. Reboot to system and select in settings LG keyboard as default

  • PilgrimRO

    File Blocked for Violation.

  • artas182x

    Link works. I don’t know why you got this

  • Someone

    Brakuje mi aplikacji “Backup”, zrobiłem nią kopię telefonu zainstalowałem twój Rom, powyższą paczkę aplikacji i niemam jak przywrócic kopii zapasowej… da się coś z tym zrobic ?

  • Please give me backup assistant app I have backed up my contacts in it plss

  • ruoks

    link dont work