ExperiencedKernel for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo

Hello! I would like to show my first project for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo N7505 and N750 . It’s for all 4.4 KitKat Roms. This kernel is a big pack of optimizations and unlocked features. Let’s see what’s changed from stock kernel.

I wanted to created kernel providing power saving when browsing the internet and performance when you need to play games.


  1. Compiled with SaberMod 4.8 Toolchain
  2. Added ROW (default), ZEN and SIO I/O Schedulers
  3. Added PowerSuspend module
  4. Enabled 1400 and 1500 Mhz frequency for A7 cores (use TricksterMod for example to enable)
  5. Enabled 667 Mhz GPU frequency (enabled by default)
  6. Compiled with optimized flags
  7. Enabled more Power Saving tweaks
  8. Added Dynamic FSync (enabled by default)
  9. Some I/O optimizations and tweaks
  10. Replaced LED colors wth more natural and gentle RGB
  11. Configurable LED RGB through /sys/class/sec/led/
  12. Added and enabled UKSM (better version of KSM)
  13. Init.d support
  14. Readahead increased to 2048

What you need:

  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo N7505 or N750 with 4.4 firmware
  2. Custom Recovery


  1. Boot to TWRP or other recovery
  2. Flash zip
  3. Reboot system now!

Kernel was tested on Note 4 Mini Rom (N7505)

Download: http://artas182x-downloads.you2.pl/Note3Neo/ExperiencedKernel/ExperiencedKernel_17012015_N7505.zip

N750 version (untested – recommended to test with UniKat): http://artas182x-downloads.you2.pl/Note3Neo/ExperiencedKernel/ExperiencedKernel_17012015_N750.zip


  1. Added support for N750 variant – but it was untested. I recommend to test it on UniKat rom.
  2. Tweaked filesystem mounts
  3. Optimized some functions
  4. Added less important tweaks
  5. Fix for reseting WiFi password
AnTuTu score on default settings