CyanogenMod 12 for LG Optimus L9 – EXT4

Hi. I built CyanogenMod 11 for LG P760/P765. It has some critical bugs like GPS problems.

What’s not working/has bugs:

  1. GPS isn’t working
  2. Wifi MAC adress is random (RIL issue)
  3. WiFi Direct
  4. Camera completly broken
  5. Graphics glitch when locking screen

Kernel and rom features:

  1. Ramhack 818Mb
  2. Better battery life
  3. OC to 1350 Mhz
  4. GPU OC to 384 Mhz
  5. Many tweaks
  6. Sound boost on headphones
  7. Updated screen driver
  8. Power saving mode (in battery settings)
  9. Internal sd disabled
  10. Added BLN support (L9 BacklightMod app in Play Store)
  11. Support for 5Ghz wifi
  12. Bluetooth Low Energy support
  13. Less battery drain by screen (lower screen refresh rate)
  14. Better multicore managing

What you need:

  1. LG P760/P765
  2. Unlocked bootloader


  1. Flash my recovery
  2. Boot to TWRP
  3. Make sure you have enabled EXT4 (if you haven’t flashed CM11 before you can skip this step)
  4. Flash ROM
  5. Flash fix (if any)
  6. Flash Gapps (if you want)
  7. Reboot system now!