Android 5.0.1 for LG Optimus L9 – AOSP – F2FS

10689484_4909290347933_8837394493764255222_nHi! I want to show you Android 5.0 build from my fork of AOSP code. This rom is quite stable.


Tell me!

Kernel and rom features:

  1. Ramhack 818Mb
  2. Better battery life
  3. OC to 1350 Mhz
  4. GPU OC to 384 Mhz
  5. Many tweaks
  6. Sound boost on headphones
  7. Updated screen driver
  8. Power saving mode (in battery settings)
  9. Internal SD disabled
  10. Added BLN support (L9 BacklightMod app in Play Store)
  11. Support for 5Ghz wifi
  12. Bluetooth Low Energy support
  13. Less battery drain by screen (lower screen refresh rate)
  14. Better multicore managing
  15. F2FS filesystem
  16. Superuser included
  17. Some CyanogenMod tweaks/mods also included

What you need:

  1. LG P760/P765
  2. Unlocked bootloader


  1. Flash my recovery
  2. Boot to TWRP
  3. Go to settings
  4. Check “Force data and cache wipe functions to use f2fs” and “Include system partition”
  5. Go to main menu and click wipe. Check cache and confirm
  6. Flash ROM
  7. Flash fix (if any)
  8. Flash Gapps (if you want)
  9. Reboot system now!

Download (F2FS Version):



08-12-2014 – probably my last build 🙁

  1. Fixed battery drian by Phone service
  2. Finally fixed ril code
  3. Changed filesystem to F2FS (need to do full wipe)
  4. Included Superuser in Settings
  5. Added Advanced reboot menu (enable in developer settings)
  6. Added my apps from CM11 (GPS Fixer, L9 UMS Switcher, L9 BacklightMod)
  7. Updated Android to 5.0.1
  8. Disabled not working things (eg. Miracast)
  9. Reverted SMS/MMS app to old version (use Google Messager to have material design)



  1. Fixed Camera (works in AOSP app too)
  2. Ported more RIL code
  3. Audio crack when making outgoing call is fixed
  4. Fixed audio problems while listening to music
  5. Replace old AOSP apps with CyanogenMod apps
  6. Button backlight now works
  7. Updated AOSP apps to material design (SMS/MMS and Browser)
  8. Signal strenght is showed correctly now
  9. GPS seems to be fixed
  10. Merged fixes to Bluetooth



  1. Fixed outgoing calls and APN
  2. Added own tweaks
  3. Added PowerHal – now you can enable power saving mode in battery settings
  4. Undervolted OC like in CM11
  5. Updated to latest AOSP Code
  6. Fixed vibrations



  • WI-FI AP works?

  • adamo1139

    which recovery can i use, your twrp with disabled f2fs option will be good?

  • Szymon Bencal

    Nie ma do tego Gapps?

  • Julian Jenner

    GAPPS from here:

    Yes. Disable F2FS, but flashable with CWM too.

  • Julian Jenner

    Dear Artas! Incoming and Outgoing calls WORKING for me!
    But GPS is not.

  • Julian Jenner

    Dear Master! LED flashlight option available somewhere?

  • Szymon Bencal

    Maybe not. This is normal aosp and haven’t features from CM.

    • jeremiah deniega

      because cm12 is not yet launch thats why we have a pure AOSP

  • gawkie

    hey, i installed this on lg l9 p768, on the boot all im having is 4 balls turning around, is that normal or have i done something wrong?

    • Israel Marrero

      your Phone have more balls than you??? jajajaja

      • gawkie

        jajajajajajjajaja, has more balls than you jajajajaaj

        • Israel Marrero


  • andre

    hello artas do you have a fix the cmera for p768?

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  • Israel Marrero
    • Ignacio Ramirez Riquelme

      don’t work u.u

  • jeremiah deniega

    HI there i installed the rom and i test it it was really good it was at stock 1000mhz but i got a problem i have no root at all i tried installing the UPDATE-supperSu-V2.0.1 but it give me a lot of problems like it is lagging alot imean its like im in a 100mhz its so slow when i flash that zip and it give me a kernel panic 🙁 please tell us how to root this 🙁 i been using this rom for 3 days but it was all good even do there is abit of bug on it.
    #Respect Post

    • Mirko

      You should flash Super Su beta version 2.17!

      • jeremiah deniega

        Yeah iknow its working now

        • Тема Темыч

          Where can I get Super Su beta version 2.17? Give me link, please

  • Yaroslav Ros


    Outgoing calls

    Hello I do not know what the bug but works for me

    I’m from Ukraine may due to the frequency used in my country or operator

  • Gerardo Alberto Güereca Sanche

    Hello Artur. I have installed this ROM but i can’t play videos (from my phone or youtube) and the camera patch isn’t working for me. But you are doing a great job. Thanks a lot.

  • Tranks2001

    Works on LG P778 L9? I need a specific recoverymenu?

  • DanielBrony

    first boot did work but affter the 1st shutdown i could ony reach fastboot and s/w mode. im restoring now. maybe 2nd try will fix it

  • Vins

    how to disable NFC ?

  • riggs

    I would like to test on P769 tmo v20H, but I am having issues downloading the files here in the USA. Do you have a mirror for the download?

  • riggs

    Which Basebands are supported/suggested?

  • parth vyas

    can any one tell me full installation procedure …and which recovery …TWRP by artas or CWM….???

    • Arun

      Download this recovery and flash it to your cellphone.CWM did not work for gave the BALLs error.
      then,Download the ROM,The GAPPS put it on ur external sd.
      1.Wipe data/Format Reset
      2.Wipe cace & Wipe Dalvik Cache.
      3.Flash The ROM
      4.Flash the GAPPS
      5.Flash the SuperSU update.
      6.your ready to go.
      I tried for two hours,the playstore didnt download stuff.the keyboards gesture function wasnt working.too much kernel panics. So,im waiting for a much stabler and smoother version.
      #kernel panic problem solved.Flashed latest giving the link here.

      • gawkie

        no need to remove the system? and also when it want to reboot it says supersu not intstalled, swipe to install, should i do that?

        • Arun

          its twrp by artas right? and the latest super su?

  • yaroszek

    When I try to install GAPPS (gapps-lp-20141109) i have “set_perm: some changes failed” error. I use artas TWRP with disabled f2fs ofc. Any ideas how to fix it?

  • Chandy Febyanto

    why I always get panic kernels after flash super su ?
    before flash it nothing problem

  • gawkie

    hi artas, i used ur twrp with disabled f2fs, but whenever i flash it i get the lg logo then the black screen behind the logo starts flashing red and it gets stuck i had to reinstall stock everytime, can u tell me how to flash it?

  • Martin Voško

    Hi all, i have question only to the camera picture quality, before i used kitkat and the picture quality taken with kitkat installed was significant lower as pictures taken with original software v20i. What about this build, have somebody same problem here? Are the camera drivers or settings or whatever same as in kitkat? And a big thanks to artas developer team.

  • Israel Marrero
  • Arun

    hieven my boot is stuck on jugling balls

    • gawkie

      Had that too check my post… expect someone to reply saying”your phone has more balls than you? Jajajajajajajajajaja, anyway now whenever i flash this i get stuck at the lg logo and the backgtound turns red

      • Arun

        so there’s no word on how to get through this ? which recovery did u use?

        • gawkie

          I have no idea, i tried cwm and twrp, no luck

          • Arun

            mine is working now.used twrp by artas for cm11.but the ram has too much kernel panics.

          • gawkie

            Can u tell me how did u flash this rom, if u mean u flashed cm11 i did that, but if U flashed this lollipop rom, can u tell me how did u do it and with recovery

          • Arun

            Download this recovery and flash it to your cellphone.CWM did not work for gave the BALLs error.
            then,Download the ROM,The GAPPS put it on ur external sd.
            1.Wipe data/Format Reset
            2.Wipe cace & Wipe Dalvik Cache.
            3.Flash The ROM
            4.Flash the GAPPS
            5.Flash the SuperSU update.
            6.your ready to go.
            I tried for two hours,the playstore didnt download stuff.the keyboards gesture function wasnt working.too much kernel panics. So,im waiting for a much stabler and smoother version.

          • gawkie

            how to flash this twrp, i used the same twrp version, but the flash-able one, got the balls error aswell?

          • Arun

            flash it using adb..should be for me.

          • gawkie

            I flashed the recovery u gave, i still either get lg logo error or juggling balls, about the su i i usd the one in the link, which is 1.94

          • gawkie

            umm i flashed the cwm u gave me, flashed the latest su, still got the balls error

          • Arun

            do it with this as help..flash twrp by artas using this technique..

          • Alan jair Salas

            I have need bootloader unlock?

          • Arun

            Yes .

          • Arun
  • Arun

    too much kernel panics

    • jeremiah deniega

      did you install a outdated

      • gawkie

        Hi can u tell me how to flash this?, i either get stuck on juggling balls or or get stuck at lg logo pls help

      • Arun

        Now its fine…no gesturw typing and camera nopt working. LG P765 indian version of the nfc

        • Nikola Stefanov

          Did you read the description? xD
          Better wait for a stable version…

  • Israel Marrero

    BackLight solution here for AOSP5 Artas182 —>

    • gawkie

      bro, can u tell me how to solve the juggling balls on boot?

  • Arun

    The playstore is not downloading stuff.It just keeps saying installing but nothing happpens.

  • Karol Janko

    Nie działa wysyłanie ani odbieranie sms

  • potato

    It wasnt some sort of password, then it restarts and to recovery and does soomething then it goes around to password again??

  • Julian Jenner

    Is there anyone wiht working GPS on this wonderful, nice ROM?

  • Sidesh

    Is this really a android l ? with all android l features ????

    • Nikola Stefanov

      Yes but it’s still in early development and it has lots of bugs.

  • Nikola Stefanov

    The boot image is zoomed. It doesn’t fit the screen correctly.

  • Nikola Stefanov

    Why after I restored my backup I can’t see if my data is turned on or off. The on/off button is missing on data usage(it was there before I restored my backup). And where are the preferred network and data restriction settings? Now I can only see how much data I have used.

  • Nikola Stefanov

    When I start my browser I recieve a message, something like: “ has stopped working” like 15-20 times after I close it. Even if I close my browser it keeps showing it to me.

  • Nikola Stefanov

    Is there any way to change the app drawer background or to make transperent?

  • Nikola Stefanov

    And one more bug: The keyboard doesn’t appear in my brouser. I haven’t tried in other apps, because I got a kernel panic.

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  • Israel Marrero
  • kaushik devarajan

    Guys anyone please give me the complete flashing procedure …. And a small doubt should I need to enable f2fs or no , and y? Thanks in advance ….
    And if I need to get back to my old cm11 what’s the procedure .. Thanks in advance 🙂

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  • Tsvetan

    I’m having problems with the mobile data I can’t turn it on.

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  • Valters

    For people who get jugglig balls, have you actually tried battery pull and a second go at booting? That fixed it for me.

    • gawkie

      u mean removing the battery then putting it back in?

  • Valters

    Okay, my pc is unable to find device, asks for driver, where can i get one? Also, the supersu don’t work, gives me a dialogue that supersu binary not found and i need to re-root.

  • Josh

    I flashed latest ROM, then GAPPS and now I have to enter password to decrypt Android WTF?
    I have this screen first time, I don’t know what i should do.
    Any help or tips?

  • Arun

    Vibrating for no reason , keyboard dsnt support gesture typing and swipe feature,battery drains very quickly, n superSU aint installing..i installed it manually frm twrp…but it shows no superSU binary installed its lollipop flash manually..n i did that…the update 2.36..but no use..its still showing auperSU binary not installed…but its very stable than is working glouriously..but the boot animation gets freezed

    • Valters

      There are a lot of manual solutions for battery drain, try the Battery Doctor app from Play Store, it fixed it for me. If you don’t know how to operate it surely give a notice. To get the SuperSU access, you have to create init.d folder inside system/etc/ folder through TWRP navigate to etc folder, then use terminal and write following line mkdir init.d and then flash supersu .zip file. To get the bootanimation, which does not freeze us this one (be sure to login into xda before opening ) flash it through recovery.

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  • Paco

    Thank you very much for your work, your time and your dedication, you gave life to our devices during the time you developed for them, Thanks

  • Eze.

    it’s so sad :'( haha.
    I wish you the best, you deserve the best, friend.
    Good bye!!! Big Artur.
    We dont know your face. :/

  • Kirill

    Can be set via CWM 765?

  • Sicness

    Is the random change of the MAC-Adress fixed in the 08.12.2014 version?

  • Kirill

    Help can not install on the LGP 765, says there is no such device…
    11/30/2014 I install
    12.08.2014 can not install

  • CronO

    Witam jak długo twać powinno uruchomienie systemu zrobiłem wipe flash rom oraz gapsa i czekam już 15 minut i ciągle ładuje się system (latają w koło te kolorowe kółka)

  • Yash Sanghvi

    Any video tutorial!?
    Please help.

  • Atul

    Camera Recording not working, However Still Pic are working. it gives error “Unfortunately, Camera has stopped” i ahve tried using CAmera Zoom Fx & Google Camera as well. i’m Using P765.

  • Giuseppe

    Thr headset blouthoot don’t work. How i can fix it?

  • Olszaq

    Don’t have connect to PC option in settings. I can’t connect phone to pc. Somebody knows something about it?

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  • Guest

    Hej, gratulacje ROMu działa wyśmienicie, zwłaszcza że ma obsługę F2FS. Gdyby ktoś szukał TWRP z obsługą F2FS które można sflashować z recovery (format zip to jest tutaj) / [ mirror] ->

  • Guest

    Hej, gratulacje ROMu działa wyśmienicie, zwłaszcza że ma obsługę F2FS. Gdyby ktoś szukał TWRP z obsługą F2FS które można sflashować z recovery (format zip to jest tutaj, mirror ->

  • Hej, gratulacje ROMu działa wyśmienicie, zwłaszcza że ma obsługę F2FS. Gdyby ktoś szukał TWRP z obsługą F2FS które można sflashować z recovery (format zip to jest tutaj, mirror pliku ->

  • jetpack785

    please help: Tem: NO such device and status 7
    On my lg l9 p760
    pls help,older versions worked

  • Adarsh P. S.

    I am having a miscellaneous battery drain of 34%, and a NFC battery drain of some 15%! My screen battery drain is betwixt them. I am worried about it! Any solution?

    • Adarsh P. S.

      The figures are not accurate! Though, it conveys what i meant to say!

  • Adrian Pasciak

    Witam, co nalezy zrobic aby uruchomic sluchawke bt i slyszec w niej glos a nie trzask. Pozdrawiam

  • Chike Okoye

    i can’t download the android 5.0 build. The link takes me nowhere. Can someone help?

  • Insun Jaka

    hi artur, hi folks. I’ve been using cm11 by artas than I flashed this rom and gapps. my phone stuck on the LG logo and extremely high temperature for hours. what should I do? my device is p765.

    • kunal

      I am facing same issue.
      Please let me know if you found any solution

      • sass

        you must reset ur phone doing hard reset or using lg mobile support tool

  • Andreas Dyballa

    I can’t call anyone. That’s really annoying. If others call me all works fine, but if I want to call anyone there is a warning like: The call could not connect. That’s a really hard bug. I hope you can help me with my p760.
    Since that you did a really good job and I’m so thankful. Please support us.

  • kunal


    I have an LG optimus L9 (P765). I was trying to load lollipop into my phone, however landed into a Bricked Phone

    Here are the thing I did:
    Unlocked bootloader using ADB files.
    adb reboot oem-unlock.
    fastboot flash recovery recovery-clockwork-

    Booted into Clockmorkmod (CWM) Recovery.
    Wiped cache partition
    Wiped Dalvik cache

    Tried to install from external SD_Card. Gave (status 7) error as below

    flashed TWRP “instal from zip” []
    Booted into twrp Recovery sucessfully.
    Cleared System, data and cache.
    flashed from CyanogenMod [ KitKat 4.4.4 ]
    cleared Dalvik cache.

    Restarted phone and successfully booted. Androd 4.4.4 was working on my phone.

    Booted into twrp recovery mode again to get lollipop installed into my phone.


    Installed gapps []

    Installed SuperSU [].

    Rebooted phone.
    After LG logo screen, there lollipop boot animation.
    I left the device for around 30 mins still lollipop boot animation did not end.
    Removed battery and restarted. Still the same lollipop boot animation.

    Now here is crap I did
    I tried to boot into recovery mode, but was unable to do so using ADB files.
    Tried several physical combination to boot into recovery with no sucess.
    At last I tried hard resetting with Power+Vol Dwn + Home Button, this did factory reset.
    Now my phone hangs up showing LG logo.

    When I try to connect to PC, no devices are shown.
    ADB files also were unable to detect device.

    Re-installed LG drivers, still device was not detected.

    Tried fastboot option, still no luck

    Tried FLASH L9 Factory ICS/JB ROM WITH OFFLINE FIX + UNBRICK as guided by cmahendra, still no luck
    [ ]

    Again the same error [Port(or Device) Not Found!]

    Please suggest how to make my devices detectable and boot in recovery mode. plzzzzzzzzzz

  • Alin

    How to unlock bootloader?

  • Sho Lio Hin


    How to root this rom?

  • Grumpy Old Man


    could you tell me which guide to follow to continue with the development of this rom?

    Best regards.

  • Francesco Pace

    I’ve only a problem when install a few apps, the memory is empty and i can’t install in the external SD.
    How can i resolve?

  • Stephen Kyle

    no camera app