Android 5.0.1 for LG Optimus L9 – AOSP – F2FS

10689484_4909290347933_8837394493764255222_nHi! I want to show you Android 5.0 build from my fork of AOSP code. This rom is quite stable.


Tell me!

Kernel and rom features:

  1. Ramhack 818Mb
  2. Better battery life
  3. OC to 1350 Mhz
  4. GPU OC to 384 Mhz
  5. Many tweaks
  6. Sound boost on headphones
  7. Updated screen driver
  8. Power saving mode (in battery settings)
  9. Internal SD disabled
  10. Added BLN support (L9 BacklightMod app in Play Store)
  11. Support for 5Ghz wifi
  12. Bluetooth Low Energy support
  13. Less battery drain by screen (lower screen refresh rate)
  14. Better multicore managing
  15. F2FS filesystem
  16. Superuser included
  17. Some CyanogenMod tweaks/mods also included

What you need:

  1. LG P760/P765
  2. Unlocked bootloader


  1. Flash my recovery
  2. Boot to TWRP
  3. Go to settings
  4. Check “Force data and cache wipe functions to use f2fs” and “Include system partition”
  5. Go to main menu and click wipe. Check cache and confirm
  6. Flash ROM
  7. Flash fix (if any)
  8. Flash Gapps (if you want)
  9. Reboot system now!

Download (F2FS Version):



08-12-2014 – probably my last build 🙁

  1. Fixed battery drian by Phone service
  2. Finally fixed ril code
  3. Changed filesystem to F2FS (need to do full wipe)
  4. Included Superuser in Settings
  5. Added Advanced reboot menu (enable in developer settings)
  6. Added my apps from CM11 (GPS Fixer, L9 UMS Switcher, L9 BacklightMod)
  7. Updated Android to 5.0.1
  8. Disabled not working things (eg. Miracast)
  9. Reverted SMS/MMS app to old version (use Google Messager to have material design)



  1. Fixed Camera (works in AOSP app too)
  2. Ported more RIL code
  3. Audio crack when making outgoing call is fixed
  4. Fixed audio problems while listening to music
  5. Replace old AOSP apps with CyanogenMod apps
  6. Button backlight now works
  7. Updated AOSP apps to material design (SMS/MMS and Browser)
  8. Signal strenght is showed correctly now
  9. GPS seems to be fixed
  10. Merged fixes to Bluetooth



  1. Fixed outgoing calls and APN
  2. Added own tweaks
  3. Added PowerHal – now you can enable power saving mode in battery settings
  4. Undervolted OC like in CM11
  5. Updated to latest AOSP Code
  6. Fixed vibrations