Added new AOSP 5.0 build

New build is quite stable for now, but camera isn’t still working well



  1. Fixed outgoing calls and APN
  2. Added own tweaks
  3. Added PowerHal – now you can enable power saving mode in battery settings
  4. Undervolted OC like in CM11
  5. Updated to latest AOSP Code
  6. Fixed vibrations


  • Ickis Rocko

    Installation instructions please

    • DanielBrony

      Boot into recovery.
      Backup ur current ROM.
      Wipe all data/ factory reset
      (Go into twrp setting and unchecked f2f if u used artas cm11
      Wipe all date/ factory reset)
      Flash rom
      Go into settings- unchecked USB debugging
      Shut down ur phone
      Boot into recovery ( volume down, home, power)
      Flash gapps
      Reboot system
      Enjoy lollipop

      • parth vyas

        phone will boot without flashing gapps….????? i m using l9 with artas cm11 13 September build… and if i want to switch back to 4.4.4 then can i get back to 4.4.4…???

        • Arvydas Tomkus

          It will boot, but you won’t have any google services.

  • GalacticMeadows

    Will we get an OTA?

  • Arvydas Tomkus

    I’ve tried out this new rom. Calls work great .My p760 seems to be pretty slow when compared to your earlier CM11 builds, but of course this is early stage. It’s freezes every once in a while, but reboot helps. Also I noticed that keyboard is a bit dodgy (disappears when I need it).
    Lollipop looks really cool and slick, but for now, I will stick to CM11.

  • gawkie

    GUYS, whenever i flash this rom, after rebooting all i get is the lg logo then screen gets red while the lg logo is there, and i have to reinstall stock, help please?!

    using lg p768

  • Walter Huth

    Awesome, thanks!
    I noticed the two light buttons at the bottom (back + menu) are switched off, would be nice to get the backlight back.
    I found the signal lower so I am out of range easier than before.
    As you said, camera not working.
    And same thing with FM radio, no program works. This is the biggest NO for me to use custom Roms, a pitty.

  • Dávid Barkóczi

    need unlocked bootloader?

    • Tomek


  • Dawid

    Niestety nie działa pisanie gestami. Na tej samej apce, na CM11 nie było żadnych problemów

    • Tomek

      O jakiej appce mowisz?

      • Dawid

        O standardowej, klawiaturze AOSP

  • Tomek

    Arturze, mozna liczyc na CM na bazie 5.0, czy to raczej tylko marzenia?

  • parth vyas

    i have flash this rom great …but i want to switch back to 4.4.4 so should i directly flash 4.4.4 with enable F2FS…?? or root required ..coz currently i have not flash super user so no root …

  • rubsalma

    I brick on my l9, did the wipes to F2FS box unchecked, and installed the rom without SuperSU or GAAP, and it was the logo of lg, then to try desbrickearlo, he left the s / w update mode nothing but detect that were going to make changes
    se me brikeo el mi l9 , hice los wipes con la casilla f2fs desmarcada , y instalé la rom sin el supersu ni gaaps, y no pasó del logo de lg, luego al intentar desbrickearlo , salia del modo s/w update nada mas detectar que se iban a hacer cambios

  • luismanson

    Hey, i got a lot of errors, and no launcher, i will post here some related logcat, in case you have any ideas or bugs to fix 😛

    E/memtrack( 2260): Couldn’t load memtrack module (No such file or directory)
    E/android.os.Debug( 2260): failed to load memtrack module: -2

    D/gps_BRCM( 465): gps_ril_at_init:278: 3GPP AT-command CP socket not connecting well. This will retry after 1 second.

    I/ActivityManager( 465): Process (pid 2240) has died
    I/ActivityManager( 465): Start proc for activity pid=2285 uid=10035 gids={50035, 9997, 1028} abi=armeabi
    D/AndroidRuntime( 2285): Shutting down VM
    E/AndroidRuntime( 2285): FATAL EXCEPTION: main
    E/AndroidRuntime( 2285): Process:, PID: 2285
    E/AndroidRuntime( 2285): java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: No static method ()B in class B or its super classes (declaration of ‘byte’ appears in generated class)
    E/AndroidRuntime( 2285): at
    E/AndroidRuntime( 2285): at
    E/AndroidRuntime( 2285): at
    E/AndroidRuntime( 2285): at$DatabaseHelper.onCreate(
    E/AndroidRuntime( 2285): at android.database.sqlite.SQLiteOpenHelper.getDatabaseLocked(
    E/AndroidRuntime( 2285): at android.database.sqlite.SQLiteOpenHelper.getWritableDatabase(
    E/AndroidRuntime( 2285): at$DatabaseHelper.(
    E/AndroidRuntime( 2285): at
    E/AndroidRuntime( 2285): at android.content.ContentProvider.attachInfo(
    E/AndroidRuntime( 2285): at android.content.ContentProvider.attachInfo(
    E/AndroidRuntime( 2285): at
    E/AndroidRuntime( 2285): at
    E/AndroidRuntime( 2285): at
    E/AndroidRuntime( 2285): at$1500(
    E/AndroidRuntime( 2285): at$H.handleMessage(
    E/AndroidRuntime( 2285): at android.os.Handler.dispatchMessage(
    E/AndroidRuntime( 2285): at android.os.Looper.loop(
    E/AndroidRuntime( 2285): at
    E/AndroidRuntime( 2285): at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Native Method)
    E/AndroidRuntime( 2285): at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(
    E/AndroidRuntime( 2285): at$
    E/AndroidRuntime( 2285): at
    W/ActivityManager( 465): Force finishing activity
    I/OpenGLRenderer( 465): Initialized EGL, version 1.4

    BTW, got an out of memory before posting this 😛

  • Mirko

    Hey Artas, I read on Facebook that you are planning to release CyanogenMod 12. Are you dropping the AOSP rom?