New game – Marshmallow Rush

Hello! Recently, I’ve come up with an idea to create a game based on Android Easter Egg. As Android 6.0 has been recently released, it was good time to create this app – Marshmallow Rush. As you know, original Easter Egg is not really playable at all, so i modified it to take more pleasure in playing Bugdroid. Here is features list:

✶ Lollipops and Marshmallows in one place!
✶ Various difficulty levels (easy, normal, hard)
✶ Integration with Google Play Servicies – support for leaderboards and achievements
✶ Support for Android Wear watche
✶ Added sounds
✶ Backported to support Android 4.3 and higher
✶ You can use this as your default easter egg in settings
✶ No in-app payments
✶ UI created with Android guidelines

Now, here are some screenshots:

I think, you will like this app. Please play, rate and review this app 🙂 Thank you for all testers.



In addition, as you seen recently, I overhauled website design. Now, It is created with material design. I think you will like it. Unfortunately, I don’t plan going back to Android cooking, however time will tell. Just, there is nothing more I can do. Stock ROMs are good enough, some modifications are already on the XDA. And Manufacturers use special features in their stock ROMs, which can’t be ported to for instance CyanogenMod.

My new game production Rotate is available

I’m proud to show you my new game production called Rotate. It’s very simple, logic game.

You just need to click on tiles you seen before, but there is one doubt. You need to click on this tiles after rotating the board It isn’t as easy as it seems on first sight.

We have three game modes:

-Time trial – score the most points as you can in 180 seconds.
-Zen – unlimited time, but you can miss only 15 times.
-Time rush – the hardest mode, you score valuable extra seconds instead points.

We have added support for achievements and leaderboards, so you can compete with other players.

In this game there is a little micropayment which disables all ads and enables Time Rush mode

Please Give 5 stars if you like my game and write a good review on Google Play.

Here is link to my game:

My new game production is coming | What i will have done in next months?

Many people have probably seen that I have stopped Android developing. That is because i started work on my new game for Android platform. Of course, I plan to start developing when I release game to public.

My new release is for people who like logic games. This game can improve your remembering and geometric skills. I can’t tell too much, because of known reasons.

I plan to add micropayments to my game. For my website readers there will be some extra things in game, so stay in touch and read my latest posts. I have a screenshot from my game, if someone is interested.

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My last Android build for L9 – AOSP 5.0.1

Hello again! Today i would like to show you new AOSP 5.0.1 build, which fixed many bugs. This is probably my last Android build for L9. I would like to say again thank you to donators, testers, other devs and people who spent his time on writing with me. It was a great time. I was really happy when i saw you are happy beacuse of new build. It was great experience for me. When i got my L9 first i didn’t know much about Android. Then first CM9 build, ExperiencedKernel and ExperiencedStock series. I was also developing CM11 for almost one year. My aim was to build stable Lollipop and it happened. Now i’m selling L9 tommorow and maybe i will try to build something without L9, but it will be really hard. Now i would like to buy Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo and maybe i will develop a rom for it. I’m still supporting my roms – if you have a problem write on facebook, here or an e-mail. AOSP code is open source – everything you need to build is on my github. Thank you again for this 2 years!

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Stable AOSP 5.0 build – 30.11.2014

Recently I’ve fixed many bugs from Android 5.0. Now it is quite stable!



  1. Fixed Camera (works in AOSP app too)
  2. Ported more RIL code
  3. Audio crack when making outgoing call is fixed
  4. Fixed audio problems while listening to music
  5. Replace old AOSP apps with CyanogenMod apps
  6. Button backlight now works
  7. Updated AOSP apps to material design (SMS/MMS and Browser)
  8. Signal strenght is showed correctly now
  9. GPS seems to be fixed
  10. Merged fixes to Bluetooth

AOSP 5.0 Download